Im worried about Gordon

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by eveyoz, Mar 16, 2008.

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    It's a shame, a cryin shame I tell ya!
  2. Yeah a real bummer. Haha.
  3. The socialist 10 year spending spree is coming to a close. Anyone with long memories will know how it always ends-in tears.

    But wait, keep an eye on the unemployment figures, we are nowhere near the bottom yet, neither is Labour's polling figures.

    Socialism is dead-I wish.
  4. Don't get too excited. As the article states, much of this is due to the budget and that'll be long forgotten by the next election. Hopefully, Ed Balls' 'so what' comment when Dave criticised the UK tax burden will be remembered a bit longer.

    You also need to remember that these polls are notoriously inaccurate. You can't sample a couple of thousand people and predict the actions of 20 million or so in 2 years time.

    The third point to remember is that it takes fewer votes to elect a Labour MP than a Tory MP. The Tories need a 10% lead just to get a draw so a 16% lead isn't that great in real terms.

    Having said that, I'm already fantasising about the Pickfords van pulling up at No 10 and Gordon's collection of glass eyes being loaded up.

    A lot of these polls gloss over predictions for Scotland. Labour are slated to be hammered by the SNP north of the border. If the Barnett formula is 'revisited' to cut Scottish funding now that the SNP are running the show, there has been speculation that Cyclops himself might lose his seat.

    It's looking increasingly likely that Labour will be out within two years. Hopefully, the SNP will do for them in Scotland and Dave will forbid the Scottish MPs Labour do have from voting on English matters. This, combined with a likely 80s style lurch to the left with John Cruddas at the helm should mean that we'll not be seeing a Labour government again for 20 years or so.
  5. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    Only problem is they will drag it out for a full term in the hope that things get better
    So from today if you get asked say you will vote for the cunt
    We get the polls up to Labour having a 80% popularity stake
    They call a general election
    We get rid
  6. expect a big amnesty before the next election
  7. They'll drag it out anyway. Gordo's been waiting 10 years to get into No. 10 and he's not going to leave until he absolutely has to.

    I don't know about amnestys, but I can see him introducing massive, tax free 'redundancy' payoffs for MPs who lose their seats. I mean, what's there to lose? I'm told quite a few Labour MPs are already starting to look for jobs outside Parliament so they'd not be averse to voting themselves free money out of the public purse.

    I think the next 2 years in Westminster are going to be like the bunker scenes in 'Downfall'. Our increasingly demented Führer will be staring at poll results and economic forecasts while trying to marshall non-existent resources. Meanwhile, Dave and his 'Red Army' of Tories will creep closer to Downing Street with each passing day.

    Mark my words. Watch out for school kids lining up in Downing Street to be presented with medals by the Führer himself as his minions jump into their ministerial limmos to head for the nearest tax haven.

    Worryingly, Gordo does have an opt out. Under the recently passed emergency powers legislation, any government minister can rule by decree. I believe that includes indefinite suspension of general elections. If you hear Gordo mentioning the phrase 'State of Emergency' get out of the country asap. Head for Thailand. It's a nice place and jonwilly will let us all kip on the floor at his place.
  8. Ha ha. I can just picture that :D
  9. Yeah, im worried about Gordon too, he is still breathing
  10. If Gordon were to get the boot early as leader of the Labour party that could be really bad. Well for the Liberal Democrats and Conservatives anyway when you consider how many votes he loses Labour. ;)
  11. Depends who replaces him. With any luck it would be an uber leftie like Jon Cruddas and the party would go into meltdown. Believe it or not, Gordon's probably the best they've got.

    Surely you jest. It's only 1000. It'll be several hours before Sven gets up. Due to an unfortunate encounter with some whirling helicopter blades in the 80s, Sven has neither wife nor children.

    In fact, I've seen no posts by Sven since that bloke who abducted Shannon Matthews was nicked by police in Yorkshire. You don't think ......
  12. 'I'm told quite a few Labour MPs are already starting to look for jobs outside Parliament'

    It's already started, the appalling Patricia Hewitt has already got a 100,000 quid 'consultancy' with Alliance-Boots (hm, recently a Health Minister, consultancy with a Healthcare company - no conflict of interest there I see) and another nice little earner with a bank.

    Nice to see another millionaires' class warrior daughter reverting to type.
  13. I was talking to a member of the party who works in Central Office in a position to know recently - his view was that the Party is preparing for opposition, and that by screwing the economy this time round, they'll get back in 5 years. They really have no shame do they.

    Plus side is that he reckoned that the knives would be out for Brown in June and that Miliband is biding his time...
  14. Dear Mr Brown
    A man who sold gold at its lowest point in history, and took a third of the cash in euros.
    Effectively crippled everyone else's pension,his I notice is bullet proof,and has the front to pose as a prudent chancellor, Jesus, I though some of the Conservative types were bloody stupid, but as the film has it;
    "You ain't seen nothing yet!"
    As a PM he is just about invisible, like Macavity the cat.
    If he is an example of the offspring on the manse he is so fond of wittering on about, then roll on aetheism!
    If there is a God give this tawt Terry Prachett's alzheimers, and a stroke for Tony in passing!

    And breathe in.
  15. Fascinating that Gordon has had the brass-neck to claim credit for his masterly command of the economy throughout the boom years, yet the downturn and 'credit crunch' are caused by the global economy over which he has no control. He is a liar, he is an idiot and, please God, he is going to preside over the biggest election disaster a party has ever seen.