Im walting it in my own home

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by brighton hippy, Sep 23, 2005.

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  1. and I'm not ashamed
    unit t-shirt of a unit I was'nt a member and dpm trs paint splattered but even so :lol:
  2. How very Mao-ist........ self criticism..... next up, self flagellation?
  3. And who amongst us can say they don't spend the odd evening dressed up in old DPM, sharpening their killing knives and saluting to the mirror?

    ohhhhhhhh bugger. :oops:
  5. "...There was once a very senior bloke who used to sit, motionless under a face veil..."

    Yeah, but to be fair that's a prerequisite for killing deer type thingies innit? You start jumping up and down and Bambi sods off doesn't he?

    True Walting requires some claim, implied or explicit, to experience or qualifications not actually possessed...

    Now when I was in the AirborneParaSaSCommandoSBSGSG9Det(Humint)007 section....
  6. having left the army some time ago, I hang around a military web site and post my "views" to make me feel like I'm a "real soldier"

    am I walt?
  7. If you want to be walt you can be.

    I would suggest a slightly more ludicrous submission than just referring to your actual military experience.

    Just saying, "I was in the Army" will never do it.

    How's about.. erm, let's see, Oh I know.

    "I did have some military service, but the interesting stuff doesn't actually get shown on the record does it?" and then leave the rest to your audience to draw the wrong conclusion.

    Hope this helps :)
  8. As a one time member of the British Legion can I put "former Legionnaire" on my CV? :)
  9. If you drop "oui" into conversation every now and again and address your boss as "Mon Capitaine" before apologiesing you might get away with it - mon ami.

  10. Lost Boss, Just tried the "mon capitaine" bit. Didn't work. Mon Colonel seems not to appreciate it.............
  11. Mon Dieu!

    E 'as no sins ov 'umor

  12. Exactement! Having said that, a very, very, previous guv'nor was an honourary Major in the French Foreign Legion - a fact I only found out when my "oui mon colonel" Monday morning riposte was answered with a torrent of very fluent French and what looked like the beginning of an embrace at the "mon brave" bit! This fellah........... mad as a fish (which is entertaining if frustrating) but with no anchor to this planet, yet alone human humour........ Merci a dieu, le weekend sportif s'approche!
  13. Far better to hold a tennis racket, pose in front of the mirror and pretend to be a guitarist. Great fun.
  14. Or referring to Bogs as "the Heads", Kitchens as "the Galley", a night out as a "Run Ashore" and your work clothes as "Rig" oh Ive just described every commando trained soldier in the British Army, whether they have even seen a boat or not!!!!!!
  15. Hmmmm This gives me an idea about the correct use of terms, rifle/gun, chopper/aircraft, red head/gwar etc....

    Which group of "specialists" are most protective about their "special" words and are quickest to correct the ignorant?

    I'll kick off with signallers and aerials.....