im trying 2 get in the army i may have been wrongly diagnosed with aspergers

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by willt9220, Apr 21, 2011.

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  1. what can i do im on the medical
  2. I love aspergers, though it makes your wee smell funny if you eat too much of it.
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  3. the thing is i think they are wrong to label me mildly aspergers as i got bullied all through school it came down to low confidence i guess
  4. and now im "diagnosed" its gonna stop me in life the only think i want to do is the military i went to military preparation college twice ive proved i can adjust to the life style and now i may not be allowed in because of some annoying policy i work well in a team i can make split second decisions this is so unfair
  5. indeed it is

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  6. Any chance you can rewrite this using punctuation, so it's a bit easier to read and comprehend!?
  7. i might have a plan oh no i dont
  8. well there is always the t.a lol
  9. Misdiagnosis of Aspergers is extremely common. In most cases the subject simply has a low IQ and no discernible personality.
    Hope this helps.
  10. When has a low IQ and no personality been a problem in the Army?

    Read through the past threads, go and see your GP about getting a referral for a review of your original diagnosis.

    A medical will probably refer you anyway.

    Best wishes!
  11. C'mon Trigger, read sandmanfez's comment a bit more carefully this time.
  12. thank you all for the support i can only try my best and will keep trying till i do get in
  13. Bet that make him feel better!!!!
  14. What military preparation college did you go to and why did you go twice ?