I'm Too Pretty To Work

In all seriousness, I went out with a girl once who said that it was my job to earn money and hers to look fabulous for me when I got home. and, again frankly, she's one of the fittest women I've ever had.

The truth... Sometimes it sucks.

(She's married, lives in France in what can only be described as a castle, rides horses or ponies or something when she's not driving her little BM soft top and has knocked out a couple of froggy brats who board at school in England)
She has degrees in science and medical research, and is slim, and attractive in a cheap, whorish way.

Quite why she isn't a Pharmaceutical Sales Representative is beyond me. They suck cock to sell marginally beneficial medical products to cunt-hungry doctors, and within a month would have sufficient sperm swimming around her womb to trap some poor psychiatrist/Heart Surgeon/Hospital Director in to a life of ease.

The wide-eyed, flat faced mongoloid kids it will pump out will ensure she's done after the first one, and will be seen for decades afterwards in swanky London wine bars trying to pull Brokers whilst sluring 'I was a size six once deary, and I'll do anything for a Kir Royale'.

The shitcunting vacuous life failure.
Her two minutes of fame... soon enough she'll disappear like that not-very-attractive bird who said she was hated by other women for being so stunningly gorgeous. Was married to a grotty-looking Frenchman who swore to murder anyone who laughed at her. Everybody laughed at her and he didn't murder them.

Samantha Brick, that was the one.

Why hasn't some civic minded ARRSEr stepped up and offered to ugly her up a bit? I'm sure a tire iron or cricket bat or size 12 boot will help her look' normal' and stop men's advances and women's jealousy. I'd offer but she'd have to get mumsy and pater to advance air fare from the colonies to get me within striking range.


Did I misread this bit?

During the day she works out at her £80-a-month gym to maintain her size six figure and spends £1,500 a month on *designer clothes, shoes and handbags, plus £700 a month on blow jobs.

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