Im tired and need to goto bed

Leeme see, I havn't had a day off since Feb 18th, every weekend since then has been 2 12 hour shifts, I'm on nights this week after 2 12 hour shifts this weekend and my nights start at 18:00 and finish at 07:00

On the plus side I'm fukcing loaded
Aww, I feel for you, I have this last 12 hr night shift then 3 paid rest days, a 12 hr day shift then I go home for 2 weeks and come back to 2 weeks of not very much, a month of supposed fun followed by a month of 12 hr shifts. it's wonderful :)
Me ok,

polar - Yes basically the same but since we are in cut over to a new system I was expecting to be working quite a lot ! Hopefully come the new age we wont have to work so many unsociable hours and be on call instead of being onsite

gi_barbie said:
anybody got any suggestions of things to do when bored????
Yes, steam iron your gopping grid, you dopey trollop!
Well I can see why you're so easily bored, you lack imagination. Thank fuck for pies and Heat magazine eh luv.

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