Im thinking of joining up by Adrian Mole aged 13 3/4

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by llech, Mar 7, 2010.

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  1. Dear People whom I don't know, have never met but trust wholeheartedly to make a massive life changing decision for me,
    In this day and age of Internet youngsters seem to have lost the ability to go to an AFCO and ask a professional all the silly little questions like what trade/role in the Army I should become.
    So I come here to ask you what Regiment IS TEH BEST to join, I was thinking about Airborne Tank Infantry Signaller in the Engineer Logistics.
    BTW I'm sh1t hot on CODMW2 so I reckon P company will be a piece of p1ss and do a 1.5 mile in 31 mins if i have my invalidity scooter.
    Look forward to your recomendations.

    Many Regards AM.
  2. Do you have a criminal conviction for ABH? Do you have a mate who knows someone who's in the paras and says that they're all raving bum bandits? Would you like to start posting simultaneously elsewhere on ARRSE about why the army all need to to run around firing the GSP3500ATY with 18 pictionnary rails because it's what kills the most people on your x-station or whatever it's called?
  3. My mate's cousin saw Bridge Too Far Half way through so I reckon I have strong links!
  4. What's your BARBie test score, m8, n wenz ur Phaze 1, innit.

    PS Gud Luk bro, teyk no sh*t from them woltz on this site.Respec.
  5. Cheerz M8. Woz thnkin Paras but gunna b l8 coz my asbo n tag!
  6. I bet they wish they could all have as much experience as you fine serving military fellas and they are truly gutted that they werent born 20 years ago and had no technology at their fingertips!

    The poor dilusional kids obviously believe that some people on here actually know what their talking about and dont realise its full of walting civvy arrseholes!
  7. I remember that thread...coley212 was a bit of a special one... :D
  8. Tagged? Well kool, geezer, u iz ded rite for them SAS parras. Theyl be beggin u 2 join. LOL.
  9. I was thinking Challanger II's that are Airborne, they must have em surely? 8O
  10. I bet they're also really looking forward to being a grumpy old cnut with no sense of humour like you one day an' all.
  11. Fair one, I am in a bit of a mood tonight, time of the month I reckon!
  12. You mean one of these, An Airborne" Tetrach" Tank

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  13. i mite direct you to the paras, you will fit in just well. you will be around other people with the same i q, and you could all mature and grow up together in common ground..........para marine air assult are always on the look for good young men
  14. Apparently so was coley Link.

    Plus Light Gun on parachute too. Do they push it out the aircraft backwards and have the parachute come out of the barrel :lol:
  15. So much for me trying to be funny! 8O