Im thinking of joining the TA so i have a few questions.

Hello all, Ive been putting serious thought into joining the TA the past week or so. Im 24 years old and im pretty bored with the life i have at the moment.

Im a qualified Embalmer and experienced Funeral Director but for the last year or so i have been working as a labourer on a building site as i got a bit fed up with the job i was doing.

So anyway, my questions are...

I have a health condition called Ulcerative Colitis, i was diagnosed with it at 20, its incurable but controlled. Would this somehow hold me back?

How many days a year would i have to dedicate to the TA and would i have to sign up for any set period of time?

How much foreign travel would be involved as this is the main attraction! :thumleft:

What are the chances of being involved in the wars in Iraq/Afghanistan? (im not worried about going to war, i'd just like to know what im letting myself in for)

Is it paid or voluntary? And if it is paid what is the rate?

Could i do something to work towards a new Career/Trade such as Mechanics or Communications?

A lot of information i know, im actually going to call the TA information line at dinner time today but no doubt i'll forget most of what i wanted to ask. Any help would be highly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


I've known a few sufferers of crohns/colitus. One of whom applied to the navy, and her application was turned down for that very reason.

Best of luck


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You will not be accepted if you have chrons disease, simple as that. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news mate!


Go to your local TA unit and ask the Doctor.



If I recall correctly, ulcerative colitis is one of the things which prevents you from joining, so they may not be relevant....



Depends how bad you are if you need regular meds it a no no I am afraid couldnt be much use if you were stuck somewhere where you ran out of pills.
Foreign travel yes every other year our annual training is overseas
and usually at least a chance a year to go somewhere foreign.
Its paid plus a bounty dont rely on it though .
At the moment its volunters only may change though so be prepared to go but dont expect to finish basic training then jump on a plane to afgn.
No idea joined the infantry for some reason machine gunning isnt a skill needed in the civilian job market .Quite easy to get hgv though.
One evening a week one weekend a month 2 weeks a year minimum
plus time in own time studying fitness sorting kit out wasting time on arrse
etc :thumleft: .
If you can get in I would good luck.


Sorry luv, I don't think they'd let you in; If you're bad with the UC, it's as bad as if you were bad with Crohn's (if that makes any sense!). Have you thought of joining the cadets as an instructor? The health restrictions don't apply / aren't as strict, I know it's not the army, but it's something different and you'd get to do the fun stuff, just minus being shot at, which isn't entirely a bad thing!!
Thanks for your replys, My colitis isnt bad at all, i dont have to or have ever taken medication for it. Its there but it doesn't really effect me in anyway in my day to day life. I guess i'll just have to see how i get on.

Thanks for all your help.

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