Im the only gay in the sig sqn

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Ragnar, Jul 21, 2005.

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  1. why do hetro's get issued condom's and I can't get issued KY Jelly

    p.s. For all of you who's read after the first sentence - I'm no hoop bandit, a wind up merchant/switch bitch maybe
  2. whats that ragnar i'm gonna post a gay thread but i'm not confident to run with the wind up without telling everyone your not really gay at the start.

    your not sure are you son you lie in bed worrying about it every night deep down you want to come out
  3. You should help him smooj, your experience could help :lol:
  4. You would know, you lived with him.
  5. Only for three days, it was so bad I moved back in with the wife

  6. ahem, so did you.......
  7. F@ckin poofs should not be in the forces stay in your closet. Lesbos I am up for that though.

    Backs to the wall lads and soap on a rope is out of the question especially if its hung by a thread.

    corks in yer rears

  8. I think you will be safe, poofs have a lot more taste than the girls that join the army.
  9. i think tazzy's amgry cos he keeps thinking about it too keeps getting visions of men when he's trying to **** over his kylie poster
  10. poofs, burn em!
  11. Man...that was an absolutely shiite thread.
  12. yes it was sorry i reacted to the original line of drivel i'm sorry i should have let it die