"I'm the Face baby is that clear?"

69 and still thinks scooters are cool. There's no helping some people.


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And also the DMs and khaki jacket mentioned seem to be some kind of old lady shoes and a red waterproof!
I've just read the report in the Mail and viewed half a dozen photos accompanying the article. I have come to the following conclusions based on the evidence available;

1. The subject is not wearing Doc Martin boots in any of the photos
2. The subject is not wearing a Khaki Jacket in any of the photos.
3. The subject's Vespa is not tricked out sufficently with extra wing mirrors nor the mandatory whip antennae with UJ pennant.
4. The subject is no more a 'Mod' than my Granny.

Members of the Jury, I present you with ARRSEs very first 'Mod Walt'

I thenk you! I'm here all night!


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she is mental crazy, she prefers the vespa to a lambretta. pffft

Sent by Crapatalk. Sitting on my bog having a dump.


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I played a mod song by Squire yesterday called the face of youth today. Looks like she is still trying to be young.
Good luck to her she has kept the faith.

Sent by Crapatalk. Sitting on my bog having a dump.
Moto Guzzi made a scooter called the Galletto, or Cock, designed for women to ride I guess. Here's a pic of three women on a Cock.
You can just so tell they are Italian. Can you imagine what two Sharons and a Tracy would look like?


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They can't be Italians.... they'd have 3 kids and a new LPG cylinder on there as well.

I swear we saw a guy in Naples on a Vespa, holding a door on his head and txting.
You're thinking of the Dominican Republic, Honda 125, 6 up or carrying this weeks cages of chickens to market!!
Silly old bat, she thinks she still a teenager.

I'm off to the shed to polish my 650cc Triumph.
Then mop up the oil leak, repair the oil leak, mop up the restored oil leak, repair oi........you ******* know the score!
It's not an oil leak; it's a design feature to stop it rusting.
have you ever seen a rusty Triumph?
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