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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by Ben_surfsup, Mar 17, 2012.

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  1. Sorry if I'm am asking something that has already been answered, I seem not to be able to find a definite answer however, and would like some advice :clown:

    I have arranged to pop in and see the local centre, at Truro and meet some guys and find out whether the TA is something I would enjoy.

    My question simply, is on the next step, selection I believe, I have to pass / give best effort on a range of tests.

    I am 22, what are the expectations of me at selection - In terms of quantity and the current tests asked of you.

    I've been told you have to complete a 1.5m run in 12:45, but also been told 10:30 (Today I completed one in 11:47, shocking I know!)
    and 2 x 20kg carry over 150m?

    Basically, if I go for selection, I want to not meet minimum standards, scraping through, so need some advice on what they will be looking for, the tests I will do (do I have to complete timed sit ups and press ups?) and any tips you guys can give me!

    Thanks in advance!

  2. First question: Why would you only want to scrape through? Even if you hammered it, did your very best and got top results, your fitness, and therefore your performance will improve during the course of your training anyway. On the other hand, if you're monging it, you'll run into problems later on. If you give it 100% during this phase, you'll find the CMSR much easier.

    As of 2008-ish, they were regularly testing the number of push ups and sits up completed within 2 minutes, the 1.5 mile run, and there'll be some preparation for the CFT (something else you'll definitely want to focus on).
  3. Sorry, my wording was shocking. by "I want to not meet minimum standards, scraping through" i meant, as in do not want to scrape through, i want to complete it at a better level than that. so want to impress :)
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  4. There's not much to worry about regarding the selection. It's a relatively easy weekend (perhaps just one day) with a few short tests and maybe a couple of lectures. They're basically looking to see whether you can meet minimum standards in the first place, and whether there are any serious fitness issues (mainly for health and safety reasons). Most people could theoretically mong it and still pass.

    Remember, most the others will be coming from civvy street as well, and you'll all be in the same boat. Don't get too worked up over anything. Relax and enjoy the weekend.
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  5. Ah ok perfect thanks :) sounds a lot less intense than I've heard... is the PFA the big one then? basically, coming from a desk job, I am about a stone overweight, and not amazingly strong in my upper body, or core to be honest. I just want to ensure even if I am not a tank, I'm at least prepared for anything they throw at me. and on a side note, sit ups.. not only do I hate them! but I cannot seem to do 1-2 without my feet being held / tucked under something.. Are you allowed to get help with this?

    p.s from hunting I'm a lefty, so its time to get an eyepatch out and start shooting properly so I don't get a casing to the teeth!
  6. Don't worry, you'll have someone holding your feet and doing the counting anyway :) And nobody's going to throw much at you until much later on, when everyone's ready for it. They aren't expecting a load of super-humans to walk in off civvy street.

    I'm also left-handed, by the way, but you'll get used to shooting right-handed fairly quick. One trick is to get the rifle close to the centre of your body, rather than the edge of the shoulder when you shoot.
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  7. Definitive answer is in several of the threads, but as your time is more valuable than mine - here you go:


    We don't do the press-ups/sit ups test anymore (that's not to say you won't do some on the day during a phys session). The physical tests are:

    Bag lift (up to 40KG bag from ground to 1.45m platform)
    Jerry Can carry - 20kg Jerry Cans up to 120m
    1.5 mile run - best effort

    The standards you need to achieve depends on what you're applying for (see the link above). Personally I'd aim for lifting the 40kg bag and doing the full 120m with the Jerry Cans, also aim to get your run time down to below 10 minutes. Above all, make sure you put 100% effort in as you'll be marked on effort as well as performance.
  8. Ideal thanks, My apologies if my post gave you the impression I could not be bothered to search out the information, I had found that pdf, along with the ghurkas guide on the mod site. but was not sure what line Truro's "light-role infantry battalion" (6 Rifles D company) so i guess that means the line stating "All Infantry (less PARA)" with the run time of 12:45 is the one I need to be looking at. (but still as you have said, aiming for sub 10, as I do not want to scrape through.)

    The only reason I've mentioned situps and pushups is because they are a concern of mine, i do not have the upper body strength i used to, and am starting training for that as of tomorrow.

    Thanks, it is appreciated.
  9. Wouldn't worry about the press ups for selection but start now and keep working at them for when you do basic. Also, when you go through your Phase 1 Alpha, make sure you keep working at your fitness in your own time because the phys you do on the weekends will not prepare you for Inf training weekends/CIC.
  10. Ben, top tip for reasons of personal security... Change your avatar so it isnt a picture of your mug. Also consider changing your username if BSH is anything to do with your surname.

  11. i'd clock that fish anywhere.
  12. I have selection for 3 Royal Welsh in a couple of weeks, I did some digging into the selection criteria etc. Basically the run time is 12:45 for infantry but the time increases depending on Corps/Regiment. It also depends on the your selection centre depending on what 'allowance' they may give. For example for mine I've been told that if you come in at around 13 mins then you should be fine. Obviously this is something that you don't want to do however. The other tests vary, I have to lift a series of squat bags up to 40kg on to a ledge which is the height of the back of a Bedford truck and to carry two 20kg jerry cans a distance of 150m at the pace of a PTI. Press ups and sit ups haven't been mentioned and the lads who have been before said they didn't do any. Best thing to do is to ask the platoon commander at your local TA detachment and look at documents available online for guidance. Other than that just keep hitting the pavement to get the run time up.
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