Im sure they have learned a hard lesson

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by auxie, Oct 27, 2009.

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  1. Muslim trash released early if they promise to vote Labour.
  2. Unreal, deprivation of citizenship, kicked out of their council homes and the country, seizure of all assets before deportation, extended family to join them. would be a start.
  3. Perhaps the photo should be a stickie so that everybody is aware of the potential threat these people pose. :wink:

  4. i think your bering rather harsh, they have clearly seen the error of their ways, they have been by all accounts model prisoners and now just wish for a fresh start in life, not a lot to ask is it?
  5. British Justice - sticking two fingers up at the people again!
  6. This makes me want to PUKE.


    (Capitals intended).
  7. Here's hoping they catch you. Then you'll finally understand the error of your ways.
  8. Dont think thats very likely, these people are yet a another example of our prison services succesfull rehabitalation of previously extreme dangerous fanatics in a very short time frame, in fact its reported one of them is hoping to become a full time fundraiser for HFH upon his realease.
  9. I can't beleive these terrorists, for that is what they are, are realeased so quick....
  10. wot he said
  11. the local mosque wishes to reducate them. :twisted:
    the average iman is not exactly c of e wishy washy.

    the local brighton one I had some dealings with over a very insane iranian at our hostel. was very caring towards the bloke.
    another complete waster who was a muslim and a heroin addict they locked in the mosque celler to go cold turkey :twisted: after luring him to the mosque with a promise of alms :D
    The outreach team went looking for him and were fecked off.
    got given a job in a local store and watched 24 7 he could work go to the mosque and work.
    last I heard heard he sorted himself out his family wanted to send him to pakistan iman ripped the passport up in front of them pakistan full of drugs fools :D
    they may find there welcome at the mosque will be hours of koranic study and washing floors I'd rather be in jail.
  12. Of course he is :roll: and the others are going to work with little children to bring about world peace and save the planet from climate change.

    We are at war and they are traitors and should be shot.
  13. Sentencing by British courts is a sick joke cruelly played against the law abiding people! :x

    These are all good boys now ...
  14. Actually the others have renounced islam and are in the process of training to be methodist lay preachers, one has even expressed a interest in joining the TA