Im still waiting

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by ma55ive, Dec 31, 2007.

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  1. Hey guys, just thought id see if anyone else has been waiting as long as me to get in the army. Ive been in the TA for approx. 3 yrs, so thought great ill go for regs. However its been a long bumpy road.
    I applied in febuary 2007, selection in august 2007 and have been told i will be going for basic approx. Febuary/March 2008, but they do not know when lol.
    I applied for reme air tech and ive been told that because of phase 2 courses being scarse that is the reason i am having to wait so long, thankfully im still as keen as ever to get in but it does make me wonder how many guys (and girls) are the recruiting team loosing by not getting potential recruits in quick enough?
    Has anyone else come across this problem at all? At the moment im trying to change my job preference but no joy lol.
    Sorry if it seems like a rant but its starting to get boring now, i havent even been attested yet into the regs so i hope that aint going to delay me further.
    Any thoughts or adivce?
  2. Iv been waiting since may 07 myself,
    It is boring (working in a * civvie job) but! ive waited patiently and its flew by and im off to basic this weekend.
    Grind it out.(good things come to those that wait!)

  3. Waiting for the medical is my pain in the arrse D:
  4. The recruiters will try and process, and track you through to your Phase 1 training as quickly as possible... if there aren't spaces then there simply aren't spaces, but I'm sure your recruiter is trying his best... hang in there a little bit longer.
  5. I've been waiting since july!!
  6. I walted for 15 years