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Im starting training soon BUT

Hello, Im starting training on the 21st of march but i went to the doctors about an irritating mole and they referred me to the hospital to get it removed,
but they said it mite be after the 21st i was wondering if it is after the date would they be able to sort it at catterick?

fouler said:
zippy483 said:
Speak to your recruiter
not really answering my question
Yes it is. Considering you haven't even set foot in the hallowed gates of a barracks yet, then your first port of call is your recruiter.

Other advice may consist of telling you to stop inserting small, blind mammals in your secret place.
Technically they could, whether they would is another question. It's a simple outpatient procedure. Local anaesthetic, twonk it off and cauterise. Mission accomplished. Had it done before. Takes minutes, left with a simple scab.
I had x2 rather large moles removed off my back when I was on Phase 1, I was put on light duties but really wasn't a big deal even went on the ranges no probs.

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