Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Alaarm!, May 27, 2009.

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  1. Wow, let's burn the house down because a hallucination said so :roll:
  2. Oh dear, do you think she was doing drugs at the time? 8O

    And if she saw two faces looking down at her....... who was the other one?
  3. Oh fucking dear me...

    Ok... I'm taking bets...

    Will Jade Goody become bigger than Jesus?

    I'm starting with the odds at even and we'll go from there...

    [Personally, I think she has a better agent]
  4. You reckon?
    And booze, whilst eating magic mushrooms.
  5. Even more bollocks to sell to the press, can we have her hanged?
  6. "[b]She was beaming down and her hand was up as if she was waving. Her head was still bald but she looked so happy."[/b]

    You sure that wasnt the Sun, you fcuking ugly smack head? :x
  7. H3

    H3 LE

    Think I got as far as the 6th word ......... bore bore !
  8. no but we can have her hung *pedant mode off*

  9. The whole thing reminds me of that wierd sun baby on tellietubbies. And i thought that family could get no wierder.
  10. the entire article screems of *LOOK AT ME LOOK AT ME*
  11. Pedant mode back on - criminals are hanged, horses are hung.
  12. It's 'hanged' actually, according to the Oxford English Dictionary. Apparently this archaic form was preserved in legal language, since it was used by judges to pronounce sentences in capital crimes: i.e to hang someone.

    In anycase it's far to good for her. She needs to be ignored to death - which for this family would actually be a fate worse than death ( and that goes for her feckless son-in law too)
  13. well shit how do i know, i've only ever hung horses in my back yard :?

    in any case, a non-story, back to arrse to make it one