Im sorry.

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Chimpy., May 21, 2007.

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  1. Please don't ban me. I wont do anything bad again. :(
  2. Too late!
  3. Have I missed something? What has the Chimpster been up to this time?
  4. Your a very naughty Chimpy!!

    Chimpy make people angry!!

    Angry people don't like Chimpy!!
  5. No chimpy just became very tedious and annoying, to the point where he was trolling the site full of drivel.
    Chimpy, give it up, its run its course.
  6. asking people if they have aver killed anyone..............
  7. If you come clean with your real ID im sure the MOD's would take that into consideration.

    Come on Chimpy let us all know who you really are.
  8. these threads are getting very boring and childish beyond belief.
  9. OK, I'll come clean ... I'm Sandy the Guvnor.
  10. Chimpy started out being very funny but just didn't know when to stop. Shame really, the earlier posts were pretty funny. The "have you ever killed somebody" one is scraping the bottom of the barrel though Too many crappy posts all of a sudden. Shame.

    Chumpycheeks has been quiet for a while.....
  11. The mods and admin can see his IP address of course... so with a bit of detective work I'm certain they can ascertain who the naughty primate is.