I'm sorry, I Haven't a Clwyd


Security in Iraq has improved since the transfer of sovereignty, the prime minister's human rights envoy to the country has said.

Speaking on Monday, Ann Clwyd said there was a mood of optimism among the Iraqi public following the formal end of the coalition occupation.

The Labour MP is currently visiting Baghdad for talks with Iraqi ministers.

"I was here at the end of May, before the handover, and several times a day in Baghdad I would hear explosions," she told the BBC Radio 4 Today programme.

I have heard nothing since I have been here over the past few days. According to the Iraqis themselves, they think that the violence in Baghdad has died down and they are quite encouraged."
And theres about 70 of them today who are unavailable to confirm her oppinion.

What utter bollox.

She's Welsh NWD :D

And Baghdad was jumping on Monday. Didn't a Minister get whacked?
I recall a story ( second hand I'm afriad) of a member of the Commons Defence Committee out and about in Basrah on a famil trip. Apparently an IED went off on the right hand side, but the blast was absorbed by an idiot local overtaking on the RHS.

Patrol Comander legged it at light speed, good drills, leaving the locals to sort out the wounded etc etc

Apparently, the MP went off on one and accused the Army of setting up an incident to impress her that it was dangerous in Basrah.

MP was informed by Patrol Commander that the Army is not in the habit of setting up IEDs and wounding locals, just to impress a visiting MP.

I heard the old sow didn't stop sparking off til they got back to the Palace cos the Patrol Commader was rude to her.

Backbenchers, got to hand it to them!
BLiar says that the world is peace and tranquillity once more because he, saviour of the people and blessings be upon him, sent the boys in to give him a posturing stance on the world stage.

Of course we went in to get the WMD....sorry....remove Saddam....sorry make the world a better (ahem Left Wing?) place...ahem because "it was the right thing to do" (mission creep anyone?)

The whole thing would look bad for our Glorious Leader the Almight Tony BLiar, saviour of the people and blessnigs be upon him yadda yadda, if we hadn't dicovered WMD, the 45 min deployment claim had been debunked, no link with AL Quaeda had been proved, the country was left in rag order and anarchy had reigned since making life infinately worse for people and not better than before the crusade..sorry, liberation.

Hang on........... :idea:

So you are suggesting that the MPs are lieing to make us all think that this huge fcuk up of a crusade on behalf of Dubya was a bad idea was acvtually good, that law has been restored (though it obviously hasn't) and people are safer tha they were (which they clearly aren't) and telling the truth is not allowed (Big Brother Tony thought police back again I see)?

Well fcuk me backwards, you live and learn!
Reminds me of the Bob Hope joke in Saigon: "When I flew in here this morning they gave me a 21 gun salute - and some of them were ours!"
Yeah Anne Clwyd is a fcuking eejit of the Highest Order. She must be deaf as post, blind, naive, as Stupid as a Stupid Does, smoking some SERIOUSLY heavy duty shit, and just plain Optimistic if she thinks that Iraq is OK , sorted, "move along people there's nothing to see here".

Did she go to the Officer Barbrady school of ignoring the bleedin' obvious??

Or was she told in advance, as my Lords Butler and Hutton were, of what the outcome was to be? Once certainly must think so.

Then again, we in the Army are ALWAYS letting off IED's, all the time. I let one of this morning, which the made the dog vomit.

Happens all the time Anne. In fact, the Iraq Army wasn't even involved during Op TELIC. We just picked two sides. The Jerseys got to invade whilst the Skins had to defend. It was quicker, cheaper and safer that way, you see. The Iraqi's are soooo unpredictable. We couldn't even be sure they would turn up. So, just for you Anne, we set off an IED, cos the local militia are a bit erratic, even when we book them 24hrs in advance.

Gee, you caught us! Fair cop! Are we in Trouble?
This is like the famous Keith Vaz MP who commented on the IRA under vehicle IED that took the legs of an ACIO recruiter in Leicester?(his own constituency anyway!)"Maybe the army was carrying a bomb in the minibus".
You have to wonder what the fcuk goes through the heads of some of these MP's at times?

Don't vote for them, it only encourages them.

Read Jeremy Paxman's "The Political Animal" for an insight into what makes these freaks of nature tick.
I cant remember for sure but I think it was in Hitchhikers guide to the Galaxy, there was a planet where anyone who wanted to be a politician was automatically excluded, meaning that only those who really didnt want to, were made to govern.

The most sensible idea I have ever heard :twisted:
I think it was automaticly excutedjust to be sure
BEst bet, would be to lock them up as soon as they are elected and sentance them to hard labour for the duration of their time as an MP.

Would work well i think, as most of them are guilty of something. :twisted:
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