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Im Sorry, But...WTF??

Okay this is too much even for the dumbass brigades..

Gavin Paslow [ age 39 -so you'd think he'd know better ] is tunring himself into the Prince of Darkness.. already changed his name to Diablo Delenfer by deed poll to go along with his new appearance.. Seems the nut has a forked tongue, pointed ears, implanted horns and enlarged canine fangs...He came to the media's attention because he swindled $ 6400 in benefits so he could pay for more enhancements and ended up in court...

He was sentenced to house arrest with a curfew of 5 pm to 5 am [ good thing, cause he'd surely scare old ladies and kids ] and wears an electronic tracker...

Gavin, sorry, Diablo, is' saving ' so he can have a prosthetic tail added and surgery to have raised vertebrae on his back..

He's obviously got more than one screw loose and I'm astounded he's been able to get the alterations he already has..where the f&&kity f**k is the Medical Ethics Committee and why aren't they jumping down the throats of the doctors/plastic boys who are complying with his wishes '??

Obviously they're just grabbing whatever cash he's willing to hand them..ethics??? sheee-it.. the guy should be seeing Shrinks not guys who spend most of their time making boobs bigger...


BTW.. Gavin is on 'show' most days at Seasalter, Kent in the UK.. maybe the local tourist board is hoping to draw gawkers to the community??

at least he's not getting it done through the NHS...guess they were too busy looking after fat chicks who want their special diet needs met...
Horns? They are not horns, it just looks like he has boils on his fcuking head. Why dont people like this settle for collecting stamps or train numbers :?

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