Im sorry but we really do need an “Introduction Thread”

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Bugsy, Oct 21, 2009.

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  1. That's my opinion.

    I really love ARRSE! I truly believe that the website is a force for good and should continue. However, as older ARRSErs die off, in the figurative sense, of course, newer ARRSErs are necessary to keep up the figures (in a commercial/economic sense) and maintain the viability of the website.

    At the moment, there's no official way in which newcomers can announce their appearance. The result is (very often) that they show up as if by magic on some (perhaps quite unconnected) thread and are invariably (but not always) assailed by the usual, deadend ARRSE knobends, who want, more than anything else, to establish that such newcomers are in every way inferior to themselves. You know who you are, you fückin’ tossers!

    This leads to folks with every good initial intention deciding that ARRSE is a very unfriendly environment and thus terminating their relationship toot de suet pudding. Even folks who’re initially wholly sympathetic to, and very supportive of, the British Armed Forces tend to be put off by the singularly selfish attitude of a few ARRSErs intent on pushing their own, personal agenda. The thing is that when such good folks are presented with the stark and negligent abuse that certain ARRSErs feel marks them out as “down in the mix” and “wonnada boyz”, they’re not going to say to any friends who may have discovered ARRSE: “If you go on ARRSE, avoid reni, jonnojonno or whoever", they're simply going to say: "Don't bother with ARRSE at all, it's shite!" I believe we’ve transcended the “sink or swim” mentality.

    I therefore feel that an introductory thread would be instructional in introducing novice ARRSErs to the website and to its inhabitants.

    Just a thought (an it’s ownee Wenzdee!).

  2. I thought there was an introduction thread. The reason I didnt seek it out to use it, is because they are shit, and I didnt feel like an introducing myself.
  3. *waits for JonnoJonno,Reni,5 Alpha,Flashy,Spaz,Cucking Funt,JoeyDeacon'sLad & others of the same vein to arrive and beat you up with their handbags*....
  4. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer

  5. I have a feeling I'm going to need a lot of popcorn tonight. :lol:
  6. Great, a thread so Bugsy can groom all the newcomers ;)
  7. As someone who has only recently started to use arrse I completely agree. It can at times seem that some aspects of this site have an old boys club feel to them.

    Though once you get past the spelling and grammar nazis and a few other types it is great wee place to kill an hour or so during the day and would be a shame if people were put off by a few harsh comments.

    It is also an invaluable tool during the whole recruitment process.
  8. I assume before creating an account people read the forum first? Why bother to sign up if your feelings are easily hurt?

  9. To be fair, I took this place to be a bit like joining your regiment, insomuchas, you got a lot of shite when you first arrived, but it dies down and you become one of the team as time goes by.

    There is a saying, "if you cant take it, you shouldnt have joined" which I personally think, sums ARRSE up to a T.
  10. Well this is all a bit fluffy.
  11. Sorry Bugsy I disagree with the idea too. If someone tips up with a wet attitude crying because he feels offended at nothing in particular and gets shot down in flames, he normally gets a strop on and fucks off. Those who are put off by 'a few harsh comments' are probably the type of people who don't fully understand what the army is all about, and would probably have very little to add to the site as a result. The keyboard warriors amongst us are just personality filters. :)
  12. CountryGal

    CountryGal LE Book Reviewer

    My two pennies worth - I dont think you need an intro thread, In fact i think you can hear and see alot about everyone who posts,

    On some threads, yeah you do have to reveal a bit more about yourself if its pertinant to the thread but Im not sure knowing more about someone would contribute to the site, though of course will provide "fodder" for later use ;o)
  13. I agree :D
    New here myself but quite aware of what joining a site has in store :roll:
  14. As a newcomer just today, from what I've noticed most of the humour here is the sort you'll find in the workplace (at least my work place). That said I have come from a factory, so maybe I'm a little biased in my experiences
  15. Don't see the need for one to be honest.
    On the whole newcomers to Arrse seem to be greeted pretty fairly, yes debate gets heated round here on occasion but being new to the forum doesn't seem to make a huge difference to what happens if you make a contentious post