Im revolting & low level sabotage

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by RangeStew, Nov 24, 2009.

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  1. I'm fucked off with having 5 different recycle bins, I have to have them because it seems it's my fault that there is climate change and global warming. Well bollocks, I'm revolting. So what I need to know is what can I hide in the food waste that will cause problems, what could I put in the tin can bin that would screw up the salvage ? etc etc.

    I want to fuck up the maximum amount of recycled stuff that I can.
  2. Get a life
  3. I have one, dedicated to the revolution.
  4. You could lodge a claim for ground rent, that will make them sit up.5 bins,? madness.!
  5. body parts?
  6. Good idea, how about Broon's...?
  7. Grenades.
    Radioactive waste.
  8. I believe they turn the foodwaste into compost. Diesel/weedkiller is good for plants apparently. Possibly bleach would interfere with the microbes that break it down into compost.

    Of course your one sabotaged binload when combined with the waste from your entire council area will be like p1ss1ng in the ocean and will have no effect whatsoever. That considered Id recommend the dismembered remains of a local prostitute.
  9. Mix coloured glass with clear glass (broken) at the bottle bank.

    Clear glass can be reused, coloured cant, mixed it contaminates the clear. :wink:
  10. Heres an idea trigger, stop throwing food away. Call me daft, but I just buy enough food, and leave the money I save in the bank. Its a radical concept I know, but try getting your head around it.
  11. not necessarily.

    bin trucks have blades. the blades like dealing with soft squishy stuff.

    from professional experience, I can tell you that a few slabs of concrete / a load of bricks will physiclally break the bin truck.
  12. Leave the bins empty and just start having bonfires to burn your waste instead
  13. I'll be honest my "food waste" goes down the bog

  14. I'm sure this was done a wee while ago? People smoking and others putting leaded fuel in their Range Rovers that sort of thing?