Im really tempted to order some!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Praetorian, Mar 5, 2007.

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  1. I doubt it but anything and I mean anything has to be better than Harp.
  2. Me thinks someone has been spending far too much time on the internet :D
  3. FFS, best part of £ 40 for a cool holder, a t-shirt and 2 x bottles of pi55, they are really taking the pi55!!
  4. A gnats off topic but I got a bottle of 'Shayte' Whisky for my birthday from my sister.

    I have no idea where she got it but it goes down OK!

    I also tried Death fags when they were on sale in the early 90s.
  5. Is Skoll still available? That really is p1ss
  6. Corona, Trevelez?
  7. I once met the bloke who started Death Cigarettes - married to th fat one off What not to Wear, but apart from his execrable taste in women he was a good bloke. They took Death fags off the market 'cos apparently the russian mafia were using them as calling cards to leave on the bodies of their victims.
  8. Aye, go on, but bin the lime
  9. I fcuking hope not. Skol was pure pish but it was supposedly brewed by Danes in Romford.
  10. How about Kestrel for pure gnat's hiss?
  11. Kestrel was pish. Agreed.

    What about Kalibre?

    Wasn't it Laurie McNenenememnenmey that advertised that?
  12. Double Bleeding Diamond, works wonders....alledgedly!!
  13. Long Life that SHORTENED your life when (if) you could drink it.

    And Watney's beleeding Red Barrel.

    A long lingering glass of pure pish.
  14. TESCO value beer. only for the hardest of drinkers.