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Discussion in 'Sappers' started by Charlypuss, Nov 11, 2009.

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  1. I think I am getting a bit senile here. Since I got demobbed in 79 I have'nt really spoke about my mob time to anyone, probably because I'm a bit of a boring sod really.. :( Having stumbled on ARRSE by accident I have spent some time reading through the various posts and have had a really good laugh at the humourous nut cases that I thought no longer existed. The point is I was in Roberts Barracks in the early 70's and I have been trying to remember what fecking Sqaudrons I was in. I had the rather unenviable luck (?) of being posted 3 times without ever leaving the bloody barracks. Can any of you guys tell me if this sounds right. Originally posted into 37 field, then to HQ 23 eng, and then, when 23 and 25 amalgamated, into 2ADER. Does that sound right or do I need stronger medication ? :?

    PS I was attached to the REME for virtually the whole time I was there.
  2. Sounds about right, as it wasnt long after 25 stayed in Roberts, and 23 went to Quebec. 25 was made up of RHQ, 12, 16 & 43 plant. I think 37 went to 23 Engr Regt, but never served there, so cant really say. You probably knew Toddy, who was 37 at that time? He still lives in Traz with Heidi.
  3. Thanks for that, even though I am even more confused than before. I was only ever posted within the barracks, so I never went to Quebec. I was there when the Artillery moved in (good reason for a punch up...). I lived outside the barracks at Bramsche for some 3 years, which the RSM did'nt agree with. I remember 16 & 43 Plant, but me memory has gone a bit funny with 12. I also remember the Para engineers (3 ??) moving in as well. Can't say I remember Toddy, but as I said I was attached to the REME for my sins and also buggered off to Canada for a 1 month battle group and came back 6 months later.

    I think I need stonger medication.............
  4. Well finally got it figured out..

    1972 to 37 Field Sqn.
    Anybody remeber Rims, Simon Weeks, Jimmy Mclean and the Dab it off king ?

    1974 to HQ 23 Engineer Regiment.

    1976 to the newly formed 2 ADER wich was made up of 23 and 25 Eng Reg.

    Managed to glean the info from the BAOR site, which has now restored some of my sanity.

    BTW just a bit of more info

    23 and 25 Engineer Regiment amalgamate Sep 76 forming 2 Armoured Division Engineer Regiment – Roberts Barracks Osnabrück
    Regiment to NI Belfast Infantry Role Jun to Oct 77

    2 Armoured Division Engineer Regiment redesignated 25 Engineer Regiment – Roberts Barracks Osnabrück moved to NI Maserene Barracks Antrim Aug 92
    12 Field Squadron moved to 28 Engr Regt Jul 92
    16 Field Squadron disbanded Aug 92
    39 Field Squadron moved to 23 Engr Regt Jan 83
    43 Field Support Squadron moved to 40 Army Engineer Support Regiment redesignated 43 Plant Squadron Jun 83.

    23 Engineer Regiment – Roberts Barracks Osnabrück reformed Jan 83
    moved to Quebec Barracks 1984 disbanded 1993

  5. I served with 12 Sqn in Roberts Bks and i have loads of blanks that i cant fill, last thing i seem to remember about them is going up the stairs of Scatch and others of entering the Winkle??? All these cuts and bruises appearing on my head in the mornings??
  6. I was in 12Sqn at the time 76-81 i seem to remeber going up and down the stairs at the skatch a good few times
  7. Bloody hell.... The Scratch.. I Remember Tattoed Annie (that was one hell of a tattoo on her back, but pretty bloody awful first thing in the morning), The Chinky ( Always had a 2 and a 75 before getting the cab back), The bloody perv that lived a couple of doors down trying to get the girls to visit him, and of course the Ladies house round the corner opposite the station.. Anybody ever survive the walk through the underground carpark to get to the lift ? Not that I ever frequented the place of course.. :oops:
    While I am on the subject anyone remember the Columbus Keller with the one armed bouncer ? I set my mate Smokie (from the cookhouse) up with the Barmaid there which was bloody stupid because he did'nt speak any German, and she spoke no English....So I spent a lot of interesting nights translating for them.. Oh crap!! It's all coming back now like a bad curry.... Sorry Smoke :twisted:
  8. A posting to the Trazz in the 70's & 80's should have also included at least 6 weeks acclimatisation just to keep standing up.
    I was never posted there during that time but served alongside many of the Units that were there, fkin strange lot to.. oh and a one off Sapper games weekend as well
    When I did eventually get there in the 90's it was all a bit tame or maybe I had grown out of it I thought, then I realised that the loss of the Squadron Bars had killed the place.
  9. 6 weeks would'nt have been long enough.. The first year was just a blur...
    On a slightly more serious note the booze was a big problem in the early 70's. It was just so bloody cheap that instead of drinking coffe we drunk beer / shorts as it was generally cheaper, which goes someway to explaining my original post.... I did draw the line at Dab it off though..
  10. 12 Nova Scotia HQ and Sp Sqn in 23 Eng in 2002 til 2007.

    25 Engr now at waterbeach with 39
    23 at woodbridge
  11. Let me put it to you straight - 25 Engr now at Waterbeach suffering 39 (or whats left of them that's not scattered to the four winds!)

    Come to Waterbeach - you're guaranteed sunburn or trench foot one way or the other!
  12. I was in 12 nova scotia 84-89 and the whole thing is a blank - I just remember being forever overdrawn in me english bank account
  13. 12 Nova Scotia HQ Sqn went to Antrim in 92 or 93 when 25 Engineer Regiment was formed out of previously Independent 33, 43 Field Support and all the other hangers on. DCRE also came under 12 Sqn for admin purposes but remained some really important people's toy.
  14. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    25 Regt re-roled to Air Sp when the NI role diminished, and moved to Waterbeach. The Regiment disbanded prior to A2020.
  15. I'm sure the RE-role of 25 and the temporary split between the Sqns at Waterbeach was an attempt to justify the staff, a full Colonels post etc. Once Harrier had been binned there was fcuk all special about air support, point proven by the huge variety of Sqns doing 6 month tours down the Falklands.