I'm Phil Collins

Discussion in 'Waltenkommando' started by wm1965, Apr 28, 2012.

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  1. Over the years I have watched the Waltenkommano out some utter arseholes. I've never posted here. I've watched from afar, whistled and crossed the street. Some of it has been interesting, some of it blood boiling (the Walts that is), and some of it has been extremely pathetic armchair crap.

    The Waltenkommando has been an important peripheral part of the site both for those that care about the military services and some hardcore almost nutters (whom we love anyway). Recently things have gone too far.

    It's unacceptable to start banding out that someone is a criminal. Not only do you open yourself up to civil charges - as well as the site, which many of us value for a variety of reasons to all sorts of legal risks. If someone's a criminal, and you're sure of it - go to the police. You wouldn't go on a police website to say that the bloke next door is smashing up his wife would you?

    Don't let the abuse of a peripheral function of the site by a few destroy a really important tool for many potential, actual and ex-soldiers.

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  2. No you're not, I'm Phil Collins.........and so's my wife!
  3. Mike Tierney? Is that you? If it is, you're a fat cunt and you owe my mate the cash for that fish supper, you ferry-riding bell-end.
  4. I had an Aunty Phyllis Collins, Died when I was 8. She had a VW Beetle and thanks to the Herbie movies I thought she was cool.
  5. Mike who?
    Never mind.
    More importantly, you've only been here a couple of months but you've clocked up over a thousand posts?
    What the fucks going on, are you trapped in a disused internet cafe?
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  6. No, I'm Spartacus.
  7. I once met a bloke who claimed to be Carl Palmer, the drummer from Emerson, Lake and Palmer.

    A mate and I ended up on the pop with him in Chelsea one night. To this day I don't know if it was him or not.
  8. Just so we get back on track to the point in hand, it's Another Day in Paradise. I whistled as I crossed the street. That's why I'm Phil Collins. Sometimes I feel like Stephen Fry when he wrote no one understood why his first autobiography was titled Moab is my Washpot. Then again I don't understand why he did.
  9. oddly enough, I took the security lead on Greg lake's recent Canadian tour.
  10. LancePrivateJones

    LancePrivateJones LE Book Reviewer

    This is fucking masonic shit isn't it?
  11. You know I've never really liked Prince Philip all that much. Principally because he's a massive racist. But I also don't like him because he's Greek so I don't really know where that leaves me.
  12. I too can remember when the Waltenkommando was good. Hold on, I'm scrolling down trying to find a good thread so I can link to it..

    Scrolling... scrolling...

    Nope. All shite.
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  13. Conflicted is where it leaves you. Do you not like cream cheese?
  14. WM, if you are really Phil Collins please can you kill yourself?
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  15. It is all getting a bit samey.
    "This guy at work is more interesting than me, because he's served got some medals and bigs himself up, can you tell me if the No 2 on a belt fed Wombat would actually have been on the balcony?"

    "My brother in law shagged me then unbeknown to me wiped his cock on my new curtains, then went back to my sister the #$@^! Anyway that's private family business......he's going around saying that he was in the Guards and didn't pull a daisy chain in Hyde Park! i'm facking outraged!!!"

    "This old codgers in the paper saying he was an RN Commando got shot by the VC in Nam and was awarded a gong for killing "fahsands of 'em", anyway have you seen the state of his beret? Still I suppose his gash shaping skills proves he served in the Navy, eh?"

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