Im outraged.

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by hemingway, Mar 15, 2008.

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  1. my local chip shop is shite. so, just for a change, i went to a nearby village that has 5 pubs - 8) for lincolnshire.

    anyway, at 8.30PM, after a couple of drinks, Mrs H and I go to this "renowned" chippy. the bitch behind the counter ranted "we shut at 8PM" :roll: (yes 8PM, and on a friday night)

    what the fu**ck is wrong with this county? :twisted:

    and what if anything should i do about it? protest? complain? take it on the chin?

  2. You're from Lincolnshire... and you have a chin? :p

    What do you expect, it's in the sticks!
  3. 8O shock horror your talking drivel again. yawn fcuking yawn.
  4. open your own chip shop, open after 8 and run the Bitch out of buisness..
  5. now thats an idea. previous posters have missed the point (as usual). there is money to be made in this shi**te hole, because most people are bast**ard lazy. that was my point.

  6. you should have your own posting forum linked to the arsse hole you boring tool.i think this will be making a star appearance there soon. :roll:
  7. perhaps so, but who gives a fu**ck?

    you are only pissed off because your £6000 bender post went there!!!

  8. yes i,m still having therapy for that one. :roll: you should be renamed thrush.
  9. my last post on here, because even i am bored of it.

  10. thank fcuk for that. go back and blow your brother/uncle/cousin/father (delete as appropiate) you fcuking mong. :twisted:
  11. It's called the law of supply and demand.

    If 99% of their grief comes from finding staff who are prepared to work after 8pm at weekends on minimum wage or from customers who are so pi*ssed out of their heads they don't know the difference between a chip shop and a latrine and even the pubs don't want their business anymore, then it makes sense not to bother serving customers after that time.

    Seems obvious to me. There are plenty of places where the kebab shops and falafel dives are open all night, but would you want to live in such places?