Im outraged at Walkers crisps

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by RancidFat, Feb 22, 2008.

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  1. I am so outraged that Walkers Crisps have offended those lovely muslim people and caused them such distress, even thought the Koran doesn't actually ban alcohol I'm sure it's only fair for those offended to roit against the great satan and etc etc

  2. mmm, more for me then.
  3. How long have lager flavoured crisps been available? I missed this one!
  4. Crisps containing alcohol? It does explain why, having not had any dinner and then going to the pub i felt more drunk than usual. It must have been that packet of cheese & onion I had.
  5. just because they are trying to take over the world.

    dos not give them the right to take over our walkers crisps.

    long live walkers long live walkers.
  6. mmmmmmmm rioja flavoured crisps :D
  7. God (sorry) Allah help these poor besieged Muslims. How DARE we use a naturally occurring chemical compound ANYWHERE in the Western hemisphere. What were we thinking of?.

    Imagine the suffering felt by poor Ahmed, knowing that he is surrounded by crinkly bags of temptation, any one of which could pounce on him without warning, and imperil his mortal soul.

    I think we should just give every Muslim we see all our money, then prostrate ouselves in case they then wish to kick us in the teeth.

    P. Tender-Harty
    Nu Labour HQ
  8. Does anyone know which variety we should be buying? Salt 'n Vinegar, Cheese and Onion, Festering Weasels bits? I think we should be told

    Not proper crisps then.
  10. I wonder if alcohol has been used in the production of Pork Scratchings.

    If so, this could cause an uproar.
  11. I can see a niche in the market here though.

    Vodka infused pork scratchings.
    Whiskey coated peanuts.

    Lots of potential
  12. I'm utterly outraged that these poor folk have been offended.

    However, my little brother spotted some 'Halal Haribo' (WTF??!!)in a shop the other day, so they should be ok for snacks....
  13. Wouldn't it be fun if it's the Smoky Bacon.
  14. Next the'll be complaining about smokey bacon flavour or beef and onion..

    Whats the Korans stance on hedgehog flavour?

    ..fcukers better keep thier hands off my Pork scratchings
  15. Oh for God's sake. There are plenty of alternatives available. Monster Munch or those prawn cocktail Skips - both perfectly acceptable and indeed quite tasty.