im out and wasted my ressetlment on adr forklift etc Help

Discussion in 'Jobs (Discussion)' started by out_but_stuck, Aug 9, 2007.

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  1. I am just out of the army and wasted my resettlement on adr forklift hiab etc….
    Im looking for advice on a course I could do costing about £500 that will be useful in getting a decent paid job. I have a good understanding of computers but not necessarily looking at just I.T. PLEASE HELP ….
  2. Get back in? There aint much on the outside is there really? I have a couple of relatives that have every IT qualification under the sun and neither can find work in that field. Im not saying dont go for an IT qualification, just be wary that in this day and age a £500 course may not guarentee a job.
  3. Thanks for replying to this post. I may have to stretch my budget a bit but are these transport management courses and nebosh etc worth it. How likely are you to get a job after doing these courses and anymore advice on possible course suggestions would be helpful.
  4. Get back in,most transport managers I have worked with hated it after a couple of months mate,they tend to get all the flak,both from p1ssed off drivers and moaning customers
  5. Get yourself on some agency work whilst your waiting to find that proper job, there screaming out for LGV 1-2 and forks people at the moment. How long you been out are you still entitled to ELC :?
  6. Don't panic. Many of us would have made the wrong choices for resettlement, I did, and paid dearly in mistakes.

    Try to focus on the time you have to readjust, and go easy on yourself, you'll know what to do in the long run. You may think about some time, adjusting to civvy life, it's a culture shock.

    There are places and people who can help, try these for one example:

    Good luck. You've plenty of friends here.

  7. Getting back in is not really an option me and my fiancé wouldn’t be getting married.
    I realise that I will have to take a pay cut to start with as you don’t understand how shit a lot of pay in civvi street is until your out. I want to get on the run of a ladder that has prospects to climb and maybe be able to make decent money eventually. I just feel im 31 years old no real qualifications. I can get hgv work but I don’t really want to do that till im dead. I have an interview tomorrow for an inbound call centre dealing with debt, my other half says it will be good just to broaden my C.V. and there will be promotion prospects.
  8. Eh? IT consultants earn a mint and if you're rellies had every IT qualification under the sun then they would be rolling in dosh. I suspect their "qualifications" might not stretch much beyond Microsoft office!
  9. Cow

    Cow LE

    My resettlement didn't help me in getting a job. There is lots of agency work about, in all fields: if your willing to do it. I've had friends working for Parcel Force/couriers in their warehouses on 11 quid an hour. Not the best work but something to keep you going while you look for something else. Where abouts are you based?
  10. Im in Hull which is stuck out on its own wages are on average lower because house prices are low that’s why we moved here. I did 6 and half years RAC and its a real shock for me so it must be hard for you guys that done 22.
  11. Not in Liverpool at the minute. One was lecturer in IT having held various IT related positions previously and the other one did something similar. A few weeks ago one of them was asking if I knew of any IT roles in my office and failing that a basic admin role.
  12. Which part of the country does he come from. Not seen Parcel force offer that sort of money around my neck of the woods (Gloucestershire)
  13. Why not go for a CP course? I think they come in at around that price and there is work in that industry if you're willing to move around.

  14. I hate to say it mate,but a good woman will stick by you no matter what you do,
    My "good" woman lasted 6 months when I came out and I only came out for her,anyway back to the job situation,if I was in your shoes now I would go on the Agency HGV driving whilst looking around for something better,try not to do nights away as some firms will keep you away all week,If you have the chance drive for a supermarket chain like Tesco's or Morrisons,good money and decent prospects but not racing around trying to meet impossible deadlines,best of luck mate and don't get to p1ssed off it will work out in the end,just remember we are top of the food chain!