Im off to norway soon.

Alright chaps im off to norway on jan the 3rd, iv never been there before so im after a bit of advice, iv just been promoted and has a result of that i got dicked to go norway with the marines theres only about a plt size of us from my battalion going (1 rifles) so what i would like to know is what sort of kit should i invest to bring out there with me, iv already been issued with my artic kit (which is alot) if anyone has been there recently could u kindly advise on what gucci kit would be ideal to bring, i already own alot of my own kit but its more tailored around conventional, also whats it like on pish there?

many thanx fellers Den.
stinger_sweaty said:
also whats it like on pish there?

many thanx fellers Den.
Fcuking (very fcuking) expensive.
AMF = Ace Mobile Force (it had individual Land, Sea and Air components); a NATO organisation, no longer exists I believe.
Buy DF booze; fill hip flask; go out on razz, buy cokes; top up with DF. Watch out for the local Norwegian home made hooch - bloody lethal.
take issue kit, why ruin your own, justa little flash back i was pleased to be given the chance to go to norway.. and was chomping at the bit.. what a fecking mistake, being B-ech changing every tyre to studded ones and the same when we got back to southhamton, pan bashing general dogs body plus marinies didn;t have a clue about their wagons, ie battery flat no air in brakes trying to tow off ferry, plus we had a rough crossing some vehicles were not chained down so a few got bent.. no time for beer ohh happy days
scarletto said:
Amazing scenery, infact fecking amazing scenery,oh and its cold and snowy about now :) I loved living in a tent....not
Fcuking expensive scenery if you happen to be looking at it from a bar.
And fcuking hard scenery too. The whole country is built on granite about 6 inches under the topsoil. Mind you, this time of year the snow will be too deep to worry about that!
Don't use the yellow snow when boiling for drinking water.
Norway, for all that it's expensive, is really, really stunningly awesome in terms both of scenery and of quality of the female population...ahem. Just, as others have suggested, don't try buying them expensive drinks!
Managed three winters out there, fcuking awesome place, loved it. Hard graft and all that but really enjoyed the tours.

Kit wise......fcuk nows fella, been out way too long.
Great place to go and work, some of pussers kit is great some is crap. Best thing I ever bought was my own sleeping bag, buy the best you can, buy a decent wooly hat for at nights in your bag, LIFA underwear is the dogs danglies, a decent pair of thin gloves for under your mitts and for general poking about. A small electric razor (battery powered) that will fit in your pocket for out in the field (keeps the batteries warm therefore last longer). Fortunate to do 17 winters in total and honestly enjoyed everyone. LOA is/was about £10 per day, builds up pretty quickly when you can't spend it for a month or so.

Not sure where you will be based but wherever it is you will probably be in a civvy tourist camp, these only run during the Summer and in the Winter they are hired by the Corps for M&AW training. Normally miles away from anywhere just your Company and the training guys.

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