"Im not the only gay on this ship" - Focus apology

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by MrPVRd, Jul 17, 2005.

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  1. It is good to see that the MoD's own in-house brand of toilet paper hasn't let its standards slip since I left.

    It appears to have been hoisted by its own PC-obsessed petard. How about an apology for printing constant drivel that would shame Pravda?

    From the Mirror:


  2. strewth mate! bit strong :D but hey your opinion and fair do's.

    Just one thing to think of tho mate, and I'm not saying this to cause a fight or anything - but remember that there have always been, and always WILL be homosexuals in the Armed Forces and you have NO idea who is and who isnt unless they actually tell you.

    Don't let it blinker you as to their professional abilities within the Forces mate. At the end of the day, gay straight black white or green with purple spots, if that person saves your life you'll not give a shit what their personal life is about.

    Hugs, Vik xxx
  3. I am sure some of the batty boys would quite like to grip your shit and perhaps pus your stool in for you.

    The forces are here to protect society and democracy. That does not mean whe have to be a cross section of society or be a democracy!!

  4. Am guessing somewhere in what you just said there is something that makes sense 8O Gimme a mo to look a bit harder :D
  5. HMS Fearless = landing shiptype boat = full of marines. Therefore not the only "Gay" on the warship, I wager.

    However, I will accept criticism if I am wrong, but wasn't HMS Fearless retired in 2002 to be replaced by HMS Albion?? So when was he on board??
  6. could'nt focus and its staff be right shifted and a set of slighty used messtins brought from ebay with the proceeds :twisted:
  7. Many years ago, the Booties on the Fearless used to have a sort of gronk-board at the entrance to the mess, whose only purpose was to scare off sensitive young naval officers doing evening rounds.
    Alledgedly it was covered in cut-outs from hard-core gay porn mags; it had cum-shots, pearl necklaces, insertions, soixante-neuf, you name it. 8O

    I don't know if its a true dit, but it should be..
  8. I doubt I knew of six practitioners in my 23 years.
  9. Seen some great gronks boards,including Fearless,but no gay cuttings,just pure unadulterated filth(polaroid)mind you,some of the gronks did have a strong resemblance to the male of the species(even recognised a couple)Also,I wonder if the aggrieved naval pig meant poop deck,not flight deck.Poop Deck=chutney bar in Fort Lauderdale,Florida. Luv ya.
  10. Well I remember getting a brief from a CPO when I first embarked on Fearless (in Fearless?) which included the warning to stay out of a certain companion-way (great name come to think of it) during "stand-easy" in case we saw something we might feel obliged to report! Could have been a wind-up for baby Pongo officers? All I'll say is that part of ship was known as the Gulch, as in "Gobbler's Gulch"!!
  11. This thread reminds me of the Rusty B [HMS Bulwark] in the Far East when RM Battalion Gp were embarked and a young army officer rang on the internal ships phone system and said 'I want Maiwand' [145 Maiwand Commando Battery RA]. Unfortunately he rang the stokers mess by mistake and you can imagine the reply he got to his high pitched voiced request !!!!!!!! A true story btw.
  12. As far as I know Fearless was stuck up Gosport harbour a while ago Goatbag. Jones was recently on Fleet Staff ´down the pit´ fnar, fnar so the story sounds at best ancient if not boll0cks to boot.

    Navy poofs need to get back in the locker.
  13. And only heterosexuals can protect democracy. Obviously :?
  14. Poison dwarf wrote
    Sexuality shouldn´t be an issue. Alas the profile gay rights and issues in HMAFs are getting and the time devoted to the ´íssues´ is just one of the many things that detracts from ´war fighting´ and the preparation for the same.

    I once thought brown hatters could do no harm to the Forces if they continued to keep their heads down. I think I was wrong.
  15. J_D

    J_D LE

    HMS Fearless was still running. The plan was to get rid of fearless and ocean but Albion proved to be a pain in the butt. Like being gay is a big thing! Pist!!! Just look at 3 para!