Im not the only gay in this village...

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by Nehustan, Mar 22, 2007.

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  1. Nehustan

    Nehustan On ROPs


    'Little Britain' grows in W. Village

    Tuesday, March 20th 2007, 4:00 AM

    A little bit of Britain is about to arrive in the Big Apple.

    Stores and businesses in the West Village have banded together to get their neighborhood around Greenwich Ave. officially renamed "Little Britain" - putting it in the same category as other famous ethnic enclaves such as Chinatown, Little Italy and Spanish Harlem.

    The area is already packed with British hangouts: Tea and Sympathy, Myers of Keswick, and A Salt and Battery, all popular with ex-pats wanting a taste of home.

    Organizers - who hope to get the block between 12th and 13th Sts. publicly recognized as the heart of New York's British community - plan to launch a campaign tomorrow with a tea party.

    Actor Mike Myers, a Canadian who played British mod spy Austin Powers, is among the celebrities throwing their weight behind the campaign, along with singer Joss Stone and comedian Billy Connolly. Virgin Atlantic airlines are also partners in the venture.

    Tongue-in-cheek posters will also be put up in British designer stores Paul Smith, Stella McCartney and Alexander McQueen, asking "What's one more Queen in the Village?"

    The organizers hope Mayor Bloomberg will formally endorse Little Britain's status.

    [align=center]Source[/align] couldn't write it...
  2. The only place to get decent sausage in the whole of New York.

    It's a butcher.

  3. Trip_Wire

    Trip_Wire RIP

    That picture reminds me of ... no never mind, I'm sure you can guess. ;)
  4. Nehustan

    Nehustan On ROPs

    I can but...I wasn't there...and you never told me his name...and I always thought you were a black pudding kind of fella...
  5. LJONESY!!!!!!!
  6. Your boyfriend?
  7. Trip_Wire

    Trip_Wire RIP

    You're all wrong!

    BTW: Unlike some here, I don't have sex of any kind with boys, men, sheep or other small animals, fish, etc.

    Just the Ladies, Guys! Since I'm married, just my wife of 38 Years of Happy Marriage!

    But the Guy in the picture sure reminds me of what a person would look like based on his posts and other activities on this board, and it isn't 'LJONESY,' either.
  8. So you married 35 year ago (2007 - 35 = 1972)

    You claim to have been assigned to Camp Zama, Japan in 47, and let us assume that you were 18 when you posted to that duty station (generous assupmption BTW) which means
    (1947 - 18 = 1929)

    1929 was round about the year you should have been born if not earlier.

    (2007 - 1929 = 78) your age if not older given the afore mentioned assumption.

    Otheriwise you embellished the following.

    Oh and I note that you were a MP or attached to an MP unit and never mentioned in that profile that you were a "Airborne Ranger" or a Korean War ERA Ranger as you do in this post.

    What is really strange is that all Ranger companies in Korea were deactivated in 1951, and by your own accounts you just entered country in 1951 as a MP

    Oh I see you were on super duper secret assignment from UNCLE and as such there is no record of you even being there or the unit you were with ;-)

    Then I have this:
    Sadly you don't point that out here while you proclaim to be the heir apparent to the "Duke" himself.

    Please explain if I have the afore mentioned wrong. Granted they are your own postings, and as such I give you the benefit of the doubt, being such a war hero, to clarify any misunderstanding I may have with timelines and the such....

    Anyone interrested PM me for the sources.

    TW you are a deluted individual and .... yes a cnut.
  9. Trip_Wire

    Trip_Wire RIP

    To Whom it may consern:

    Firstly, My DOB is 01/06/1931.
    (I'm 76 Years Old)
    (I enlisted in the US Army at age 15 on 01/04/1947)
    I retired from the USAR in 1984
    I was married the second time on 14 June 1968
    (So actually it will be 39 Years this June.)
    (I was married the First time 14 Mar 1950 Divorced 1968)

    I Joined the King County Sheriff's Department 06 Mar 1956
    Retired from the Department in Mar 1990

    (BTW: One should keep in mind what assume really does.)

    I see no need to provide anyone here with a detailed account of my service. There are some bad dates in the account that one wrote, here as well as a unit in Korea missing that I served in Korea with. (A Co. 27th Regiment (Wolfhounds) 25th ID. My time as a Combat Infantryman.( 10/51-01/52) (Some of it, in the hospital in Japan.) The date for the MP BN more like 04/'52 — 01/'53 keep in mind that this was some 56 years or more ago.

    My profile here on ARRSE reads:

    (Which BTW, is a lot more info then most people on this boardplace there.

    Served as an Airborne Ranger, Korean War Era, Korean War Veteran, Combat Infantryman. Also Served in the U. S. Army Special Forces Reserve for 10 + Years. A Life Members of the Special Forces, Assn. D-3236 (L) Over 30+ years in the Regular & Reserve Army
  10. Freudian slip?
  11. Trip Wire wrote: Unlike some here, I don't have sex of any kind with boys, men, sheep or other small animals, fish, etc.

    Just the Ladies, Guys! Since I'm married, just my wife of 35 Years of Happy Marriage!

    What are you tripwire? Some sort of pervert????
  12. Nehustan

    Nehustan On ROPs

    Is that a type of underwear?
  13. Yes - they're very liberating...
  14. Isn't the beard, cigars and urge to fcuk your mother a little chafing though?
  15. He's not a perv just has delusions...he's upset over the fact that he got sea sick and couldn't join the Navy, where he and his gay lurver could have tickled each others rusty sherrif's badge and slurp off the glistening pre-spoodge from one another other's bellend.

    Instead he likes making up and embellishing his war record on the internet.