I'm not sure if this qualifies as Spam

Hey all, long time lurker here, decided to take the plunge last year and join the TA. In early December via the website it said I was unable to continue my application for some reason. Fine I thought, since I don't think I'm that fit and probably failed some minimum standards requirement. What is annoying is that since then every week or two they have been sending me 'chaser' emails.

Thing is whenever I re log into the recruitment website it still says we don't want you, shoo, please call this number if you think there is a mistake. Its had the same message since I was told I couldn't join last year. Just sharing what I thought was rather silly. Currently looking for a full time job, I was part time back then and could have time for the TA but if I manage to get a full time contract I don't think I can allocate enough time for TA.

I've deleted all personal info except the dates.

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