Im not bitter honestly!!

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by evilgenius, Jun 10, 2005.

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  1. Having seen the LCpl to Cpl board results and had the system explained to me, may i ask who actually thinks this system works. and no i didn't come off the board.. can you tell?
  2. I think it works.

    Most of the time.
  3. Yeah, I think it works as well.

    There is no point being bitter - you need to ask yourself what you did right and what went wrong.

    Did you get a good CR?
    What courses have you done?
    What have you done for the "good and benefit" of the Corps?
  4. Promotion is all about being in the right place at the right time, having a boss who likes you and writes an honest report. I detest those people at unit level who say "You will get promoted.....this report will get you your tape". It is your relevant personel div who select those for promotion. You cann only get promoted if there is a vacancy.

    I dont think the promotion system is fair at all.

    All I can say is hang in there and do your best.
  5. Why isnt it fair? Every one is subjected to the same, random, whims of the boards.
  6. OK .... I will rephrase that... I dont think it is fair. Why ? Because some very good professional soldiers get overlooked for promotion. If your boss doesnt like you and gives you a sub - standard report, you can redress it, but it will stick out like a sore thumb on the promotion board and you will get labelled a "trouble maker"........ I know thats true, they told me so on a tiffy lecture..........
  7. Why do busses come in three's

    Why does that dead gorgeous bird think I'm not the dogs...

    Why does the toast always land butter side down??

    Where do babies come from??

    It might just be a test of moral fibre, I lasted 28 years.

    Give it a while, or try the Masons.

    It's a real buzz, you will probably miss it, but I've still got a great bunch of mates.

    < although I don't make the green RV as often as I should :cry: >
  8. (slightly confused)

    I still think the promotion boards are fair :)
  9. Busses come in threes, becuase during quiet times the first bus has picked up thge majority of passengers at each stop. As the second and third bus comes along, they have fewer passengers to pick up, and so take sless time to travel the same distance

    As for the toast landing butter side down....that's because the size and shape of the toast causes it to spin very slowly. As a result, it only has a chance to rotate 180 degrees, landing upside down

    You did ask....

    I guess the system is as fair as it can be. No matter what job you go for, the person interviewing or your boss could take a dislike to you. That's always going to be a risk, unfortunatly
  10. Yes my CR was good, i have passed P-coy this reporting term and there was people who came off the board who i know for a fact that are mongs!
  11. Sadly, and I dont mean this rudely, but your opinion of them isnt what counts. We all know total strokers who have been promoted - however nine times out of then they are in "other units."

    The people who have been promoted, for one reason or another, will have done the things required to get themselves picked up. Some people do very well from never deploying but always being "seen" at the right time and place. Other people have done well from millions of op tours. The system is as fair as it can be - the main problem people have is making sure every level of the food chain know the rules.

    Playing devils advocate here, while you were away doing your courses who was in the section doing the "proper job?" (This isnt an insult or a key for an argument - just something to think about).

    Can you think of a fairer system than we have now?
  12. Yes, drop the ******* promotion curve, why should people not be promoted on merit rather than time served? I also have discussed this with other people and agree that noshers have always come off promotion boards, so i accept that to a certain extent. but it really gets on my nerve that some birds get promoted on blowjob skills rather than trade skills (fact!!)
  13. I am not sure the promotion curve (what little there is left of it) makes much difference.

    People are promoted (mainly) on merit. I know I have never picked up off a board without a damn good reporting year (or two) behind me. The difference may well be in how peoples reports are written.

    The board have no idea how good some birds blowjobs are do they? If your chain of command is weak enough that people are playing that game to progress, well thats a different matter. I have never worked with any female soldiers who have been promoted without merit so I cant comment on how widespread (no pun intended) this is.
  14. Luxury! I came out top of my A3 and waited for a year to get to LCPL in a Sy Sect, by which time the duffers at the bottom end were fullscrews! It isn't a problem; time heals the bitterness and the twisting in the gut goes away after about 22 years.
  15. I've seen it loads of times, not merrit but brown nosing helps, t1ts and tears help. Were as doing ops, getting ace inserts, doing the required courses and working hard seem to make no difference! It doesn't help when bosses or previous bosses get a monk on through no fault of your own and your CR suffers as a result, which can of course affect you in the following years too. Some units go 'by the book' and others don't. I've seen plenty mates who should have come of the board being overlooked whilst pretty, t1ts and tears mongs, who have been sacked from jobs have done.