Im not a walt...but....

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Oneshot, Aug 16, 2006.

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  1. Apologies for asking a very walt question but I do have honest intentions:

    For some work I am involved in, we need to have people looking like they are walking around with weapons. Now obviously I'm not going to use real ones for fear of ...well everyone.. so ahve thought that BB/airsoft replicas might do the job. so my question is, where does one go to procure one of these. I'm looking for ones that could be mistaken by a machine for other things, such as the M16 is quite long and could be mistaken for a pole or something.

    Also, as I don't need the weapons to work in any way, does anyone else have a cheap suggestion as to achieve this.


  2. There are lots of sites on the internet that will sell you accurate replicas of just about anything.

    Dont even think of going out in public with one though, or you just might get shot by a policeman with the real thing!
  3. Oneshot, you require some sticky back plastic, some glue, a washing up liquid bottle and some felt..did you never watch Blue Peter??
  4. toy shops in seaside towns are always choc a bloc with such things - some of them look very realistic although I think pistols/revolvers only
  5. How right, no this will be done on a secure site, i don't fancy being responsible for inpromtu snap shooting practice
  6. There are plenty of replicas which are easily obtainable from ads in the back of 'combat' type mags. And as Poppy says, they can also be purchased over the counter from some 'toy' shops in seaside towns. I've seen plastic BB firing SA80s, Demarcos and M16s in a shop in Rhyl recently. Some model companies make life size kits, too. Alternatively, film companies use resin cast models rather than the real
  7. Also, make sure you don't go out wearing a rucksack or with a good sun tan. Or one of those stupid little beards. Bang bang!
  8. So let me guess...airport security training or security training as an aid to conducting search??
  9. What type of work involves carrying replica weapons??
  10. It's a scary old world innit!!!!

    I'm never leaving my house again, it's just too dangerous.
  11. Why not get in touch with the QM at 49 PARA, they're always happy to help out on such matters. They might regail you with some old stories though.....See Mister_Soft for details.;)
  12. cut the shape you want out of plywood or mdf and paint black, old training wing stylie. much cheaper and much less suspicious to anyone who should see but does.
  13. bank robbery? paramilitary training in the lake district?
  14. No, and no, and you only get 3 guesses ;) Small clue, nothing to do with training,
  15. Pleeeease tell me you're not helping Jeremy Beadle re-launch his career!