Im no woman beater.

Ok, so i'v never hit a woman in my life but.. they actually get me so angry, for instance last night had a barny with my slag of a female went out and happend to bottle some ukrainian guy for the fact of brushing past me at the bar terrible I know tehehe.

previous examples include smashing up random shops after getting off the phone, threatening muckers with weapons etc etc. Women ayy?

Share your experiences.


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is your carer sure you're allowed on the internet?
You need help.


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you sound as though you dont have a leg to stand on.

shit wind up.
You are a woman beater. You are just trying to find others like you so that you feel less of a complete turd.

Get professional help.
You're right. Not being trained in mental disorder it's difficult for me to understand violent over reaction and taking out wroth on inanimate objects to get satisfaction.

You may, of course, just be someone trying to gain background information for a thesis on domestic violence being prone to military personnel.


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Imagine you going out when she was upset
Should've stayed in done her and chucked her out
Lucky you were not arrested for ABH.
But as your so HARD you probably would not care.
Suggest you get help, because your just a sad little man!
Insults instead of reasoned arguement. You have many problems. The navy would be able to help you - rum, sodomy and the lash and all that. Just up your street I think.

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