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"I'm no Nazi" says bar owner.

An Indonesian bar owner denies he's a Nazi, despite decorating his bar in swastikas and having the staff dress up in WWII German uniforms.

Personally if they all looked like the girl in the front right of the pic. I'd go there.

nazi bar.jpg

LINK to full story.
Problem is that only the girl in the front right of the pic looks like the girl in the front right of the pic. The other 21 don't.

He needs to sort his staff recruitment drills out!
I wonder if he went for a Nazi themed menu.

Flame Grilled Jew-cy Burgers, comes with salad covered in a Belsen-ic vinegar dressing. Curly fries optional.


Book Reviewer
Credit where credit's due, they've done a better job with their get up (and their physique) than half the psuedo-krauts on the Search for a Star thread.

Lest we forget...

Then of course there's their Riechsttafel. A selection of small dishes including Warsaw Satay and Borman Kebap. Don't forget to leave room for the Wanasee Rendang, final solution Opor ayam and Goebbels Gado-Gado. All eaten from right to the far right of course.
Somehow I think they'd be more authentic if they did the "Bridge on the River Kwai" themed restaurant instead. Menu would be simpler too; rice.


Just as tasteless, but more fitting.
I hear they have a very efficient booking system; long-term customers get a unique reference number tattoo! Very handy, and you don't have to worry about losing or forgetting it.

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