I'm no facist but....

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by bigeye, Jun 29, 2012.

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  1. Italians seem to have a good system. Round them up stick them on a plane home. If they want to appeal they have to do it through the Italian Embassy in their home country and pay for it themselves. But that's too simple isn't it.
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  2. Bouillabaisse

    Bouillabaisse LE Book Reviewer

    What's more amazing is how stupid some people are that they actually fall for this. "One American tourist lost $200 in less than 90 seconds." Anyone got his name? He might be interested in buying London Bridge - it's being replaced soon, but keep it under your hat.
  3. Just wish the Filth had the time (and inclination) to do this twice daily on the streets.
    Mind you, they get charged, bailed and are rarely punished to a degree that stops them reoffending.
    (the Romanians, not the Filth)
  4. I like the Ausi rules where I think they ship them out to a Pacific Island, pay the country for taking them in and then process the application from their. Haven't we got an island or two we could use or perhaps pay Iceland? I did think Accession Island might work, only need a leaky tub to get them there?
    Incidentally on the local news, a Somalian Athlete, brought in by the Olympic bods, to carry the torch, has done a bunk. Well fuck me Sarg, they are right clever buggers. Who would have thought of that?
  5. The Isle of Man would do nicely. It was big prison camp during WWII.
  6. So long as they were removed for TT fortnight, that would do it.
  7. Wtf??

    Fat plodess.JPG
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  8. I'm sure she passed all the fitness tests without any dispensation.
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  9. "Are you carrying any needles, knives or chocolate?"
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  10. This is a kiss-o-gram isn't it?

  11. Well yes, as it happens we do have an uninhabited island belonging to UK, it called........................Rockall, excellent sea views all year round and birds aplenty to eat

  12. Hmmm.....Short, fat, female, lesbian? Wait a minute, she/it doesn't appear to be ethnic or physically disabled, oh never mind she/it ticks most of the diversity/equality boxes so beloved by our moronic establishment, so is fairly typical of the "POLICE FARCE" aka "POLICE SERVICE" we are saddled with today, making she/it emminently suitable, albeit useless, at being a police officer in the keystone cops farce which passes for our Constabularies today!
  13. As I've said before why not use a couple of the smaller Falkland Islands, out of sight out of mind!!
  14. God help you if you had chocolate on you.