Im new here and just wanted to ask

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by blaze2009uk, Nov 30, 2009.

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  1. Hey all,

    I'm new here ( somone posted a link to this site on the mercians facebook page )

    I'm joining the 3rd mercian got my start date for basic training for the 7th of march
    however i had a phone call from my army careers office asking if i wanted to go on a 4 day look at life course for the mercians, on the 7th of december has anyone else here been offered this course

    I got to be in derby for 9 am on the 7th ( and i life in stafforshire LOLOLOL going to be fun )
  2. Take the opportunity unless you've got a very good reason that stops you from going. It shouldn't be hard to get to Derby from anywhere in Staffordshire for 9AM Where have you got to go from?
  3. i'm going to go i've already agreed, like i said to the officer i spoke to,

    any course they can put me on to get me ready for selection i will take, i just wanted to know if there was anyone else here either A. Joining the merciains and has the same start date for basic as me ( the 7th of march ) and B. going on this course
  4. If you have a date for basic why do you need to get ready for selection?
  5. Someone jumping the gun a little bit there?
  6. So are you going for selection or going to ITC on 7th March?
  7. OK just wasn't sure as you said above you wanted to get ready for selection but then said you were starting basic.
  8. Dribble removed, chaps either provide a sensible answer with relevance or dont bother at all.
  9. Just incase you missed it before it was culled, Blaze I wished you luck in your future career and explained why I was being a c ock. Disco, was the point about clarity of communications out of order?
  10. Yes m8 i missed all posts after my last one ( trying with little luck to put my youngest daughter to bed lol )

    Besides it's all good :) i take everything with a pinch of salt :)
  11. The insight courses are well worth it mate. I went on the rifles course and loved it, especially the day spent out in the field doing all the 'green stuff'.
  12. i'm looking forward to it the best part tho is going to be the sim battle on that massive projection screen lol going to love that part
  13. We didn't do that, we did attacks on the paintball range.