Im new an wanna join

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by ben25, Sep 19, 2008.

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  1. Hi there guys n gals

    Im Ben 25 from Torquay and about to go in ( i think ).

    im really thinking about joining but have no idea what to do , i was thinking light infintry and train to become a sniper . My brother is in the 31st royal engineers based in hohne Germany and feckin hates it.

    Im a personnal trainer at the moment i was thinking about doing that in the army .

    Im the sort of person that wants to be active all day long and everyday should be different .

    i really do not want to leave my girlfriend behind but i feel like i need to do this as its always been on my mind to join

    any ideas guys ???

  2. Fairly sure 32 Engr Regt are in Hohne
  3. sorry mate my bad 31 AES and 32 AER

  4. Yes, they are.
  5. Make your mind up. Do you want to be an infantryman or a Physical Training Instructor? Forget about the sniper thing for now, it's only going to happen a. when you're very good and B. if they want you.

    Get yourself down to the careers office, perhaps sign up for a few look at life courses, talk to your brother. Why does he hate it? If he's in the wrong job then fine; if he hates army life as a whole and is frantically saving to PVR then what makes you think you'll like it any better? Birds of a feather and all that...

    Talk to your girlfriend. Make sure she at least knows what you want to do. Whether she follows or not is up to her, but it isn't fair to keep her in the dark. Bear in mind that soldiers have a very high divorce rate as the pressure on relationships can be very high. This is not to say don't do it; I know people who've been married for thirty years regardless, but be aware that the army expects to come first.

    Once you have a clearer idea, go ahead. Good luck.
  6. Looking into the TA is another option.Your mrs would have no dramas about that.You can leave anytime you want and go regular if its not feeding the hunger.
  7. There is a TA place in Paignton, go along there and chat to the blokes, see what you think
  8. Why can't he do both ? I know many a PTI who doesn't work in the gym all the time
  9. thats what i thought , i coul dgo into the infantry then later on train as a pti within the infantry fo rnew recruits ??

    RE: the girlfriend situation she said that i have to do what feels right me and her are so close i know she means it and she does not want me holding it agianst her for eva if i never joined .

    im just waiting for my doctor to sign my medical forms , u think for £65 thats he gets for doing it that it would be done asap ?? lazzzzzy shit GP
  10. No, BUSY GP. You know, dealing with sick people, rather than filling in non-urgent forms. Most GPs would rather have a 20 minute break in their day than an extra 65 quid.