Im nervous about Joining up!

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by catherine_r, Mar 19, 2010.

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  1. Hey, I'm really excited about Joining up...I told my SGT it's the best decision I have made for a long time, trouble is, I am really nervous too!
    When I go in to my careers office it's ok again, it's just the other night, seeing on the news IEDs and soldiers talking about seeing other soldiers jaws blown off....It just gets to me, but I'm still going through with it....

    XCatX :oops: :?
  2. That kinda thing is one of my reasons for joining. i feel i have to help.
  3. Don't be, you'll be fine.
  4. You know too....I so want to help and get involved....Terrorism is our new evil of today....
  5. What job are you joining to do?
  6. If your worried about IEDs go for the AGC :)
  7. Anything that is challenging will make you nervous.

    Look at it this way: you aren't the first, you certainly won't be the last.

    If you are serious about it, you'll hack it - and if you are serious about it, your instructors will help you to hack it (even if some of the help doesn't feel very "sympatico" at the time :wink: )

    Nervousness is A Good Thing: it will keep you alert

    Most important rule: however bad it gets - it is only fear. Don't give in to it.
  8. Steady now! Brace up. Stomach in, chest out, back straight and stand tall. And remember: They don't like it up 'em, Mr. Mainwaring!
  9. Thats right, RMP's never come into contact with IED's...

  10. There will be tears before the day is done!
  11. I was looking at Driver/Communications specialist in the RLC.....
    I will have a look at the AGC also....

  12. I was pretty nervous when I tipped upto Pirbright, it all goes out the window when training starts though. No time!
    I was nervous then, my first tour is sometime at the end of the year. Im foaming at the mouth to go.
  13. Of course you'll be nervous, you'l feel nervous going to the careers officer, nervous signing the papers, nervous starting training and so on. But one thing I can say, you'll look back on it all when you've got through it and realise it was all worth it and how much you've changed for the better since day one.
  14. I went to the career office for the first time today, I was so nervous and I never get nervous at interviews!
    What stage are you in your application catherine_r?
    I got my BARB next thurs can't wait!
  15. i was looking at RLC Driver......any good?