Im Lopping it off !!!!!!

Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by Jerky_Meister, Mar 15, 2010.

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  1. Greetings to everyone on here, first I'll introduce myself, my name is Martin Cowley and Ive decided Im going to cut my hair off , my spike is bright red my pride and joy and over a foot long (apart from Suzie 'n' Daisy that is ) Im looking at doing it in October at one of the UK's largest historical markets, which gives me and anyone else who wants to help enough time to raise the amount of money I think my hair is worth which will be donated to Help For Heroes, Ive been thinking about doing it for a while and for some reason now seems a good time, would anyone like to help by sponsoring me, have to work out the best way of doing it etc (hence the amount of time betwixt now and the cutting lol) I aim to use my exposure on Dragons Den, Harry Hill etc to get a bit of advertising for it if I can you never know, if anyone has any suggestions I'm all ears lol (or I will be in October lol), Im going to sell the right to cut my hair on eby, may generate another couple of bob lol

    the facebook page is......
    Martins Lobbing It Off in aid of Help the Heroes

    there are a couple of piccies of my lovely locks on there so please join and get your chums to join lol
  2. Are you a punk meat fetishist
  3. erm kind off lol, I run my own business making beef jerky, biltong, venison jerky , veggie jerky etc, and we have a sign sadvertising 10% for all armed services when we do shows (includes the ambulance service, fire service, awld bill etc), and we have been discussing doing something for a long time but I aint very sporty, I dont like throwing myself out of things high up with a bit of silk on me back, but I wanted to do something that was difficult, and cutting my hair off that Ive had for many years seemed like a good sacrifice lol :D
  4. Good for you

    Is there a living in jerky ?
  5. (in best Homer Simpson voice)

    Mmmmmmmmm, jerky. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
  6. sort of, I dont have to commute (cept to my cellar) dont have to work with people I dont like and I get a lot of satisfaction from earning my own m oney, s'not brill finacially BUT I prefer quality of life than money so all in all Im happy enough, spent everyw/end at a music festival / reenactment or food festivals, which is why I reckon I can generate more interest for the charity, Im sticking up my hair at EVERY show we do, handing out flyers with the Just Give website etc, jusy hope I can raise enough lol, Im trying to get a picture on here, there are a couple on the facebook site, dont know if you've seen em :D
  7. thought this might of been another "legs" thread 8O :lol:
  8. When I read the title I presumed it was some demented squaddie who had decided to dismember himself in a fit of guilt after some particularly nasty sexual encounter.

    Disappointed to learn you're only getting your hair cut. Why don't you join up while you're at it?

    In all seriousness, good on you mate. Count me in for £10.
  9. Sounds good, just like the biker thing in Wootten. Good luck!
  10. I thought that Legs was going to lose another body part. A leg perhaps?
  11. The sequel was better.