im looking to joining 101 Engineer Regiment (EOD) (V), tips?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by predatorplus, Mar 27, 2007.

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  1. Next year I have planed to retake my maths and english GCSE, so that I can join the regs as an ammo tech’

    While I learn and earn pennies, I want to join the TA and have found these guys

    101 Engineer Regiment (EOD) (V)

    217 Fd Sqn (EOD)(V) is the closest unit to me, and was wondering if anyone from either 101 RE (eod), or 217, could give me some information, tips, tell me what I should expect during my time with the Regt…

    and will it help me in my career as a ammo tech’ which I hope leads to 11eod.

    And info you can provide me will be great,
    Cheers PP
  2. Not a good move if you wish to be an Ammo Tech. You will soon learn, that in general, RE EOD is treated as a joke by the RLC.

    If you go in on your AT Pre-select with stories of doing this and that with RE EOD it will be viewed negatively.

    Concentrate on getting good grades and if you want to develop yourself join the local Infantry(V) Unit. The green skills will stand you in good sted in the RLC as will knowing the people and requirements of those you will be supporting.
  3. Pred, the other unit that I PM'd you with may be useful for green skills if you're set on the Sappers.....
  4. Similarly and regrettably, RLC EOD is treated as a joke by RE EOD. It's all a bit sad really. In the case of 101, they sent a good few guys and girls to GW2 and they did a good job - some came back with gallantry awards for their (apparently comical) EOD work.
    217 Sqn is part of 101 Regt, by the way. A local Inf unit is a good idea, but there is another RE gang in the London area who are a bit more "warry" than most who go by the number 131.....check them out and good luck in your chosen career, and get used to the RE/RLC pi55ing up the wall contests......
  5. Co-incidently, thats also what I reccomended to Pred as well Staaken.
  6. Yes Praetorian - figured you might have. Thanks.
  7. will it be viewed negatively because of the RE V RLC, Ball S%~T'?
  8. Shouldn't do really - with the time scales involved you'll still be doing Basic Soldier training whatever gang you join. Might be quicker going the 131 or Inf route. Don't worry too much about the RE/RLC handbags at dawn - it's all becoming a bit more joined up now, and since GW2 things have improved, especially at ground level. It's up in the Stratosphere amongst 1 Stars that things are still a bit er <cough> territorial (small t).
  9. And the RLC are treated as a joke by the rest of the Army, less SPS ( possibly... )