I'm looking for help with getting UK TV in Slovakia ..

Discussion in 'Hardware - PCs, Consoles, Gadgets' started by Colin Grigson, Jan 27, 2012.

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  1. Do any of you techie types know how I can get UK TV here without resorting to Sky box and card and so on. I'm led to believe that BBC 1 , ITV 1 and so on are transmitted from Astra 2d satelite but I don't even know if that's true. If it is and bearing in mind my location 25km East of Bratislava would I need a monster dish to get a strong enough signal ?. I've been here a few years now and until kids came along TV wasn't really an issue but it would be nice now... any advise would be appreciated ( along the lines of my query would be appreciated even more !! )

    Thanks for now ..
  2. Works fine in Bulford.
  3. Can't you watch online or use a dish without a card in the box ?
  4. With BBC iplayer you need to be in the UK it won't let you watch it outside the country I hear you say!! Well there is a website yes wait for it... hidemyarse.com and no it's not a dodgy edumacational site, what it does does to hide your IP address so you can watch your UK tv from abroad.

  5. I use myvpn which cost 5 quid a month
  6. There's also Expat Shield - Expat Shield
  7. Thanks for all the replies ... I wasn't expecting any .. what a clever lot on arrse !!

    Cabana .. may I ask you if you are sure about the dish size since I have that size fitted already and if that's OK is what you're saying is that I would only need a freesat box ( is that some sort of decoder ? ) and I could plug it in and go or is it more complicated than that ?? Thanks again all !!!
  8. 60cm is nowhere near big enough to get the Astra2D channels in Bratislava. You're looking at >3m to get channels on that sat but even then, probably not even half of them. Your best bet is to get a decent internet connection and install expat shield or similar software to be able to view the main UK channels via the internet (will still be only programs via iplayer, etc., not live tv)
  9. That was exactly what I was fearing .. I was told this a few years ago but I'd hoped things had moved on a bit . TBH I don't fancy the internet route since I'm a bit old fashioned in that regard . With the say 3m parabola is it then as simple as aligning the dish with the satelite and sending the signal to the TV or will I need a box and stuff ?

    Sorry to have so many Qs but doing anything here is complicated and I'd like to be fairly certain before I go to a lot of work and expense.

    Thanks again for your help !
  10. pologies, I was looking at Astra 2a for some reason. However a couple of years ago I was getting Sky on my 90cm dish in Bosnia with no dramas at all.

    Anyway, have a look at this site LyngSat it has lots of useful bits of info.
  11. Thanks Cabana .. we already get Sky news but only Sky news .. it's the only English channel worth watching and it repeats every 15 minutes which gets annoying after a while. It's looking more and more likely we'll carry on as we are and buy the kids some DVDs with the money we save .. oh well nothing's easy !!
  12. Tell me about it, thats why when I moved house I binned it. Now I am in the sandy place, I get Dish TV which is Indian sat tv, but it has brit films, disccovery channels etc and everything and is pretty cheap.

    Anyway, if you get a 160cm dish point it to 19 degrees, you will get the BBC world service, MTV UK, CNBC, Bloomberg, EuroNews and a few other channels with English on them.....see the list here Astra 1H/1KR/1L/1M/2C at 19.2°E - LyngSat
  13. Thanks for taking the time to dig all this out for me ... have a great weekend building sandcastles !!