Im leaving the Army In March 2010, do I have to go on Tour

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by FireChild666, Feb 8, 2009.

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  1. Hey there peeps, just been trying to figure out things. I am leaving the Army in March 2010, my Sqn is going on Tour in November: Do I have to go with them being in the last 6 months of Career?

  2. No. That's your resettlement time. You can't be deployed in last 6 months.
  3. Thanks, I just wanted to make sure before I started stepping on peoples toes :)
  4. Yep

    It clearly states in the mounting instruction that you CANNOT be deployed on OP TOUR in your last six months unless you chose to.
  5. JSP 534 is your friend firechild. Use it and quote it verbatim. You can download it through dii.

    Edited to add - you can look at it online here
  6. Is there a certain document I could Reference? (just as backup)
  7. Yes - JSP 534! Or have I just been monumentaly wah'd?
  8. Indeed not :) JSP's are not my Strong Point.... :)
  9. Mine neither but it's worth getting your teeth into this particular one. Ideal for light bedtime reading! You can quote chapter and verse as it actually benefits you and stops your CoC from using and abusing you as you're trying to adapt to a new life. Plus, it's full of what leave and benefits you're entitled to.
  10. Thanks, I'm giving it a read now :)
  11. I am not trying to be argumentative (no honestly I am not) :D :D

    However, Does Para 0350 (specifically Footnote 19) not sort of imply you can have your discharge deferred for Service reasons.

    Therefore if he was considered critical to the Op deployment….. :?

    Or am I going off on a tangent :D
  12. Only if you want it yourself. I know of specific cases where guys purposely got extended for Telic 1 and Herrick 4. They weren't made to go, but they wanted to go.
  13. Don’t get me wrong, I think people should be left alone to get their life sorted once their time is done.

    However before a Tom goes running to his boss quoting JSP’s it would be handy to have a line in that JSP saying something like:

    “You can not be deployed in your last 6 months”

    Indeed Para 0703 contains the sentence:

    “This does not obviate COs’ remit to grant SL access to resettlement activities unless prevented from doing so by critical operational reasons”

    Which seems to suggest people can be deployed.
  14. One of the Officers I have spoken to said to me that they would have to send me back from tour for the Last 3 months before I'm out, to do the resettlement stuff so that's why I was asking :)
  15. Mate as far as I am concerned your unit should try it’s level best not to send you at all

    As has been said, the mounting instructions (which can be hard to get hold of but try your RAOWO) for the individual Ops should help.

    Just be certain of your facts (for your own sake) before confronting people with JSP’s

    By the way, good luck with your resettlement (your tour 8O ) and your future career :D