Im joining the Infantry soon - Got some questions

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Chimpy, Apr 16, 2007.

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  1. 1) My GF has just become pregnant. The baby will be due first week in December (aparently). Do you think I should hold off joining for a while to me kid is born (it means carrying on in my dead end job for a bit). Or should I just go in now and leave her to it? I'm 25 now btw and dont wanna leave it too late like.

    2) This is a question to all those guys who joined up whilst in a relationship. Did your relationship survive? My GF is very supporting about me joining up ... but I'm wondering if her opinion will change when the reality hits her? did any of you feel like straying when you were away from home?

    3) I've had Laser eye surgery and corneal insisions to correct astigmatism. Should I just not tell them?

    Thank you very much
  3. You seem to have mistyped in question two, I think you meant 'did any of you NOT feel like straying when you were away from home?'

    Question three, great idea, please get someone to take a photo of you after your corneas fall out.

  4. Thats the least of your problems, you're also a bit of a 'tard, I suggest you don't tell them that either.
  5. 1) Ask yourself a coupla questions. For a start - a. How old is GF?
    b. What support (family etc.) available for GF?
    c. 25 is not too old to join.
    2) Entirely up to you & your conscience. (Yes, I can spell it correctly!)
    3) When you go for your medical, take the eyesight test & say as little as possible. But if they ask - tell them the truth. Good luck.
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  6. What? You mean my corneas can actually fall out? WTF?
  7. Thanks man. My GF is 27 and has a lot of family who can help her with the kid. I'm not going to cheat in her and I never have, it's just that I got to weigh up the pros and the cons. I assume I wont be the same person after training and life will be very different for me. I got to ask the question to see how other people got on you see. My relationship seems strong and stable and we are happy to be having a baby on the way, but you got to be realistic and think about the effect this decision will have. I guess I feel a b4stard if I go in the army and leave her to it, but I also want to go in because I'm sick of scraping pennies together in a shit job just to pay the rent. I need some sort of direction if you get me.

    I'll tell em the truth about my eye surgery but I dont see why the forces kick up such a stink about it. My eyes are fine now. It's weird because when my eyes were shit (especially my right eye - my shooting eye) I could only see the top two lines of the chart ... and they said I was completely fine for service as an infantry man. But now my eyes are perfect after surgery some people say it's dodgy ground and I might not get in.

    Thanks again
  8. Invasive eye procedures are a big no-no. Blows to the head can dislodge a corneal flap. Hence when I had laser, I had Epi-Lasik which is a surface treatment and is accepted by the forces. Be advised that corneal incisions and LASIK (corneal flap sight correction) are a PERMANENT BAR to entry and for very good reason. If your eyes are fucked in a contact, you're a liability to your mates.
  9. Well the army do accept LASIK because i just phoned to ask. And what you are describing about a Cornea coming out or being dislodged is a side effect of a Corneal Graft and not Corneal Incisions (that's a totally different procedure).
  10. i had a squint in right eye which has less vision can only fire a gun
    aiming with left would this stop me getting into infantry??
  11. chimpy

    My eyes are fine now. It's weird because when my eyes were s*** (especially my right eye - my shooting eye) I could only see the top two lines of the chart ... and they said I was completely fine for service as an infantry man.

    how much did it cost
    how long ago

    my right eye is the same.

    did u really get accepted with a dud right eye
    if so i will try any way

  12. Kurgen, I'm planning on anouncing my Space Marine idea once I'm inside. As a civvie nobody is taking me seriously.

    Leviticus, Yes I had very poor vision mate. I could only see the 3rd line up from the bottom of the eye chart even with my glasses on in either eye. With my glasses off I could see the top 2 rows with my right eye and the top 3 rows with my left.

    I also went on a para look at life course ages ago in Aldershot and I had a go on the gun simulator they have. I fired the gun natirally left handed (cos my left eye is better) and the bolt thing flew back and hit me in the face. The bloke in charge told me that the SA80 can only be fired right handed.

    My problem was my astigmatism. It was easily rectified with corneal incisions and then perfected with LASIK 3 months later. How bad is your vision in your right eye? There is surgery that can sort out you lazy eye .... I'm pretty sure of that. My procedure cost a lot £4200 and I had it done about 10 months ago.

    For royal marines/navy you can't be more than -6 or +6 on your prescription. My right eye was -7.5 and the army said I was fine for the Paras lol. I think you have to be something ridiculous like -8 to be denied entry into the army on eyesight alone.
  13. Right, blood is up now. You are a necky little 16 year old and you're lecturing a medic on ophthalmics...

    I know for a fact (have a letter from 6 months ago in my hand right now from the Army Medical Board outlining the acceptable procedures) that:

    LASIK involves cutting a flap in the cornea and then after the laser treatment, the flap is replaced. There are limitations on activity after this operation due to the risk of the flap being dislodged. See here:

    So, in short, you're wrong. Wind your neck in.