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Discussion in 'Infantry' started by JonathanHull, Nov 26, 2008.

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  1. Hey People, Newbie here

    Looking to join British Army Infantry. Done my online application, got sent a information pack and also a interview which is tomorrow. I've been looking at all the regiments and im interested in the Rifles. My Friend Suggested Rifles because they work with the royal marine commando's and also alot more roles to choose, was thinking about Sniper Training but dont know which batallion to choose.

    Do i need to tell the Officer in the interview about im seeking information on joining that regiment or what? :? Please Help lol


    Jonathan Hull :D
  2. I'd move this to the Joining up (Regular) thread if I were you - NAAFI bar not best place for this.

    Good luck.
  3. Id get your user name changed sharpish if I were you theres a lot of nasty people out there and they are not particuarly fond of soldiers or those who want to be soldiers. So hiding your identity on here is a good idea in the army its called PERSEC or Personal Security.
  4. If you're in Hull why not join The Yorkshire Regiment? Local regiment so the lads you'll live and work with will generally come from Yorkshire. You can get lifts home at weekends and you'll support the same football teams etc.

    Whichever you choose just pop in to your nearest Armed Forces Careers Office and tell the Recruiting Sergeant on the desk your aspirations - he'll be able to answer your questions.
  5. Ooooops lol
  6. First of all, try the recruiting forum rather than this one. Secondly, things like sniper training you get chosen for, rather than you chosing to do it, and guess what, its a lot different from COD4.
  7. God what is it with people thinking that people join army because they play games and go " WoW, i can do that! " pffft thing that wanted me to join army was because of my uncle, waas royal marines commando for 22 years
  8. Is it? bugger....................................
  9. Then why not try joining the RM?

    /prepares for incoming...
  10. Am on week 11 at cattrick and i definatly reccomend joining the rifles, were shit hot compared with are sister platoons at the minute! plus the history and pride that comes from the training team is second to none!

    But youv got to want it. Its f*cking hard work. And its a hard life style but hand on heart thers not a thing i havent enjoyed!
  11. Yet. :twisted:
  12. I spent two decades with 2RGJ and 4 Rifles and never once worked with the booties so I don't know where your mate got the info that the Rifles and the Marines work together. Choose the Rifles and good luck to you.
  13. Now being part of 3 Cdo Bde...
  14. 1 Rifles based at chepstow do work with the RM!
  15. Well that's me told.... l never served with 1 Rifles as previously stated l was with 2 RGJ then 4 Rifles and they are mechanised at Bulford.