Im in tears :( (not really)

yeah i guess you'll think im probably not cut out for the army just because of how upset i am! i just got a letter in the post saying i cant join the army because i have a ******* cat allergy with wheeze, its all ive ever wanted to do, i was even due to go away for the weekend with the paras, my trains meant to be leaving in an hour but no point going now..god i feel so ******* shit..

I doubt i'll be visiting this site again now..take care everyone and thanks for all the help you've given me so far! it was really appreciated, time to go get drunk on my own and feel sorry for myself i suppose..
Stop crying get a grip. :roll:

Just because you got cat allergy should not be just on that grounds you where not let in.

Have YOU ever surfferd form Asthma? Or taken any medicne for asthma user?
Or did the CRB checks come up with more than a passing interest in children? ])
Try the Navy, most of them dont like pussy.
Wheat from chaff and all that old chap....pip pip. Enjoy being a civi or go the TA route


Try the Navy or RAF and next time don’t declare any allergies that could prevent you from getting in.
Cat allergy with wheeze. That why you never got in because you have a wheeze navy next best thing if you dont mind people playing with your hoop.
okay i guess i exagerated on the crying, watery eyes etc..oops..oh well, i guess i should get an apprenticeship now, im tempted to go to the doctors to see if i can get him to write something about how im in perfect health
They will tell you to appeal, afterall it was not their decision it was the medial side of it.

A mate of mine was rejected due to eyesight (rish of retinal detachment) was sighted as the reason, he, like you was gutted.

He went to the doctors and optitions and got them to write up letters and he submitted an appeal, he then won the case and cracked on with the rest of selection.

Its worth giving it a go, because they do sometimes make mistakes.
God loves a tryer

Good luck conure :wink:

ps tell us how you get on :)


conure said:
I just phoned them, he said appeal it as it sounds like these been a mistake somewhere up the line, I'm going to try anyway..
Are you sure he said 'cats' in the first place............might have said 'hats' and you misheard him. :).in which case you can join the PARAs!!!
I suggest you that you head into your local recruiter and sit down in the corner and commence with the water works and if one of them comes near you, scream at the top of your lungs while waving a small but deadly pocket knife. Or apeal, try with all other branches RAF, RN or Coast Guard and if you want to be a solider that much head to another country, Australia, New Zeland or the French Foriegn Legion. But "Cowboy the Fcuk up!"

Cheers 2CB
Well i'm definitely appealing, going to the doctors on monday to get his opinion and hopefully medical evidence that I'm not asthmatic, and write a letter myself, i'll keep all my regular fitness up, they havn't demoralised me yet!

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