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Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by Shenda, Aug 5, 2008.

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  1. I am due to start Basic at Pirbright in 3 weeks and at present I am going forward into the Signals regiment, however, I had originally applied for the Int Corps but after being accepted at selection I returned to my careers officer who advised me I couldnt get into it at this point as I didnt have the required gcse grades! ...
    Strange thing about this is at the beginning of my application my grades (as far as the computer system and advisor were concerned,) were perfectly fine for entry for this role, I also have 7 languages under my belt, 4 of which are eastern and yet still I was missing a GCSE geog??
    I am aware that the careers office reguarly push people into certin roles to hit figures and targets... but since then I have been told that at the near end of basic training I will be asked what trade I want to do and if anything has changed.... Is this the case?? and at this point if I explain my choice to be transferred to the intel corps instead is it frowned upon to change direction?
    I really wanted to land a position in the Int Corps and for everything that came with it, I am keen to get any advice on this???
  2. push for what you really wnat.

    They tried to fob me off at the start as well.

    good luck

    PS: Int Corps is acceptable, Intel is not, they make PC chips.
  3. Get yourself back down the careers office and tell them you want to join Int. Unless you really want to be stuck in a JSSU, as an EW Sys Op, working with the Corps you wanted to be in. Incidentally '7 languages' sounds pretty impressive. If you don't mind me asking, do you speak a foreign language at home, or is your language level pretty ropey?
  4. I thought we were still trying.........

  5. Thankyou for your advice, but do you think it would be a bit late to head back down the careers office considering I am due to start basic in 19 days? It may not be looked upon too well, and my careers advisor did also ask me to try and not allow other interviewers get wind that I was hoping for the Int corps as it can look bad on my file that I may be inconsistant with my direction.
    As it is, I am fully english and only speak english in my family home, but I live in rented accommodation with a persian family and reguarly speak farsi and amongst other friends speak a variation of languages.
    I have never studied any of these languages but am able to understand most things and hold conversation most of the time, so in a sense is quite 'ropey' but with a bit of tutoring I dont feel it would be long before I become fluent.
    Im getting the general impression that the best time to attempt a change would be after basic, would you agree?

  6. ...Thanks, a small mistake like that on here can result in a gruesome public slating! Note taken. How did they attempt to fob you off? Did you also apply for transfer?
  7. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    At the time, the recruiters felt that Seamus Dzherzhinski might not feel entirely comfortable in the Corps.
  8. But they took me in the end, my mother's maiden name of Al-Hassan tipped the balance.

    Glad - 100% non-British by blood.
  9. Shenda, don't worry about what recruiters say - they have targets to meet like everyone else! Put it this way, if you are successful in getting into the Int Corps, do you think they'll care that you defied a gypsy's from the recruiter, stood your ground and went for what you really want?
  10. If, or shall I say.. when I apply for transfer, I will need to attend Int corps selection... can anyone shed some light on this? What do they look for and require from you? Is it similar to the initial selection process?
  11. Here -
  12. Perevodchik, difficulty is my advisor told me I couldn'd gain access due to not having geog GCSE? Which was not pointed out from the very beginning.... hmmm... So how do I now go back into the office stating I want to be put forward for this role as I feel you are lying to me?? Is there someone independant that I may be able to speak to? I'm pretty sure bypassing the typical proceedure would not be looked upon too well? :(
  13. i complete agree with subbsonic. push hard for what you want and don't be fobbed off. when i first walked into the recruiting office they told me that i wanted to be a Gunner Para / Commando - despite having walked in there determined to join the int corps. and they tried hard to railroad me into it.

    the fact that it's so late before your basic training starts is a worry. i would suggest you go back to your recruiting office ASAP. on balance, one would think that the Corps would at least consider somebody with 7 languages but no GCSE in geography. after all, the RAF will fly you to the countries, so you don't have to know exactly where they are ;)

    from what i can see, the Int Corps recruiting website has no mention of geography as a pre-requisite:

    my personal opinion? keep pushing for what you want until you get it, and don't be railroaded into something you don't want to do. if the recruiter accepts he may have accidentally given you duff information (which seems a possibility), then ask him to pick up the phone and call the Int Corps recruiting warrant officer in chicksands. if your language ability is as good as you claim, he will almost certainly be interested in hearing about you.

    whether they can defer your joining date, while you investigate the possibility of joining the int corps instead, is something you will have to broach with them - IF that is what you want to do.

    if you are deadset on seeking independent advice before contacting the careers office again, perhaps the online recruiting team or the central recruiting number might be an option? but don't piss them or your recruiters off - just explain that there is contradictory information on required qualifications and you wish to check what you've been told (before being consigned to a life as a scaley)
  14. They could tell that just by looking?
  15. Back in those days combats were still green and we had to run in boots.

    Not sure if the Westland Skeeter was still in service??