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I'm in love!!!


Anyone watching Newsnight....what a foxy chick and...grrrrr....when she gets angry...and she holds a doctorate...I bet you Rory Stewart wants to wander through the desert with that bint!!
ahhh it must be the good Dr Diyab. I would agree too, she does seem to get properly worked up.

Annoy her with a bit of political discourse before retiring to the bedroom and I bet she is a bona fide tiger in the sack. grrrrrr!
It'd be like getting Sharmi Chakrabati in the sack, grabbing on firmly and then telling her you support concentration camps and extreme rendition.

One heck of a tale to tell afterwards

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Sorry...I was ABSOLUTELY transfixed...if I hadn't just started dating a gorgeous Persian I might be tempted to bump into the good Dr. Bet you Rory shows off his Arabic...twat!

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Love it...

two women talking about what is apparently a serious subject - but we only see their lips moving and stare at their bodies.
Shame about that scrawny little git killing the mood.

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