I'm in a terrible fix

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by bigeye, Jan 27, 2012.

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  1. advice needed ugently.

    Girlfriend away for a few days so went for big lunch yesterday that carried on...and on. Luckily the mate who I was due to have dinner with said he'd come to the bar/restaurant I was in.

    Earky evening had a couple of espresso coffee to sober up before he pitched up. Drank until closing and had a couple of espresso martinis. God knows why went to club. had vodka red bulls.

    Mate stayed in spare room.

    This morning I had unbelievable cramp in left calf. I lay still for a while it finally went.

    Managed to get to kahzi in ensuite. Was sitting in a lot of pain from previous cramp when it hit me in both calfs. Blinding pain. I fell screaming to the floor - only thing that took my mind off the pain was the fact I hit my face on sink on way down. I've got a chipped tooth.

    Mate comes running in. finds me on floor in agony. runs away - comes back with phone takes photo. The bastard.

    I can only walk if I lock knees and waddle with out stretched legs on heels with
    toes up.

    How the feck do I get rid of it. Have meeting later today.
  2. man up pills?
  3. RAMC eh? Thanks for nothing.
  4. Is it Rohypnol wearing off? Do you have a sore anus?
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  5. Magnesium. Either as pills, fizz powder or even as a liquid drink.

    Works wonders for cramp.
  6. RAMC eh? Thanks for nothing. etc.
  7. Sounds like PMT to me.
  8. Thanks Steven. typing standing up and nodding head like nutty panda in a chinese zoo.
    I hurts.
  9. Last bloke we had with very serious cramps needed potassium, ended up feeding him apricots which helped along with a couple of litres of saline.
    Try oral fluids and bananas/apricots.
  10. Couple of teaspoons of marmite and a glass of milk with a banana
  11. Have you got a celebrity girl friend?
  12. A permanent cure will involve removal of said calves from the knees down. Drastic but effective.

    As suggested I'd try Magnesium. See if Boots the chemist do home deliveries:)
  13. Don't confuse me with RAMC but I would try as Toppers suggests or dioralyte, failing that water with sugar and salt diluted in it. Keep sipping fluids. Coffee is a diuretic so water. Bland diet later. For future reference pint of water before bed and ibuprofen 400mg.
  14. And Potassium, Bananas are good.

    You are severly dehydrated and have little bodily salts remaining in your muscles. Well done!

  15. ******* loads. You?