I'm in a dilemma!

Morning all, firstly I'd like to introduce myself; I'm Ross and I'm 17, and I'm here to listen to your advice and experience to aid in my decision.

I want to (without any doubt) join the military. However, my problem lies within joining up as an Officer or as a Soldier.

I believe I am intelligent but on paper I'm not really, in comparison to those others that join up as Officers. I know I will make a good Officer because I'm confident and will assure the trust of those I am leading; so they trust me and know they are safe with me.

Part of me wants to join up as a soldier because I have ambitions of eventually joining the Special Forces once I've got the required experience, fitness and skill to do so. I'm also very determined to become a sniper within the Army too and I've been told this can't happen with an Officer.

So I ask for your advice on this matter, what are the pros and cons of each (I may learn something new), and what are your opinions on becoming an NCO, would that be more beneficial?

Thanks very much for your time :winkrazz:

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