im i ok

ive done my barb test and ive done my pre selection test, ive also had my interview in which thay told my i would be going to adsc glencorse in a couple of weeks.

ive been clear of asma for 12 years now but i had an inhaler last year for a chest infection and ive herd stories of people getting deffered for this but my RG8 medical forms passed 2 weeks ago so was just wondering if this will crop up again at adsc.

i dont no anything about that but i do no when i went on the 19th of march u have to do a blow test which is just blowing into a tube and measures how hard u blow.
They'll put you on a spiro test at selection. I've gotta do it aswell, haven't had any meds for astma since I was 6 but ive still gotta do it. I wouldn't worry too much my recruiter said hes never had anyone fail it so it looks good.

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