Im hearing a faint hum in my right ear, what is it???

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Ihavejamonmyjeans, Nov 20, 2008.

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  1. I went to selection and passed but ever since (2 months ago) I can hear a low level, faint hum in one ear at night. I think it's from running in the cold. Tried getting a Doc appointment but getting messed around as usual so taking a trip to Primary Care tomorrow. Anyone else got this and what is it??? Also, I can't just hear the hum, I can faintly feel it aswell :(
  2. I've read about this Tinnitus thing, apparently it goes away after a while in most cases. Will the Army get shot of me if they find out?
  3. sounds like a brain tumour,get to A&E fast

    edited to add G_B has no medical training and may be wrong in his diagnosis
  4. Doubt it. Does it affect your hearing or just an annoyance?
  5. No, during the day I can't hear it, but at night it feels like a faint pulsing sound that I can also feel. It's not always there, just sometimes but I know it's there when it's quiet. Ear infection?
  6. Yeah possibly mate. Going for RE you'll probably have it forever in a few years anyway.
  7. Afraid its not great news:

    It is estimated that approximately 90 percent of people with tinnitus have some degree of hearing loss

    if your using an MP3 player when you run try not to or listen to it quietly, aviod noisy areas, try some relaxation, try avoiding ( although not proven yet) alchol, caffine and smoking. It can become a constant problem leading to sleep deprevation. depression even suicide in some cases. You can try a white noise generator if it gets worse.


  8. If it's something like DUN DUN........DUN DUN.......DUN DUN.....yea that's your heart. Don't worry it's meant to do that.
  9. I doubt it's Tinnitus mate, I'm only 25. I'll just wait to see what the doc says tomorrow. Yeah I'm going RE ha ha, so I'll have a hard time with noise too? :) are the ear defenders not any good then?
  10. It's the black helicopters listening to your mobile through your fillings. Wear a cullinder on your head and it should go away.

  11. anyone from at any age can experiance tinnitus

    I'm training to be an audiologist and have read many many many articles on it :D
  12. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    I had Tinitus at 16 and its got progressively worse!
  13. It's a bee. Get a can of Raid on it.
  14. It's the sound of Nelson approaching critical RPM at the state of the Andrew.